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                                          Email Throttling

                                          Email throttling is the practice of controlling the number of emails sent at a time to one ISP (Internet Service Provider) or remote server. When a single sender launches a high volume of emails at one time, ISPs may block these emails to prevent potential spamming.

                                          Some ISPs limit the number of emails they accept from a particular sender during a specified period of time. If the sender exceeds an acceptable threshold, the ISP will reject any additional emails, resulting in a high number of bouncebacks. In most situations, this rejection of additional emails is usually temporary.

                                          Sogolytics aims to deliver your emails as quickly as possible. Still, all major ISPs postpone delivery as a means of preventing spam. There is no reliable source that identifies the limits used by each ISP. These thresholds can also be changed quickly if any suspicious behavior is detected. Consecutive high bounce rates, received emails being marked as spam, and other similar behavior can cause an ISP to start blocking emails sent from that IP address.

                                          Sogolytics’s email throttling of delivery to public domains is subject to change based on the number of emails sent.

                                          Are you new here?

                                          The quality of your lists and emails has a significant impact on your email delivery.

                                          Every new Sogolytics account undergoes a review process. Our system initially throttles email delivery in batches, sending a certain number of invitations and waiting on bounce status. If emails sent pass the bounce criteria limit, the system continues to send the remaining email invitations. If the initial delivery crosses the allowable bounce limit, the system will suspend delivery of all pending invitations. In this case, an email is sent to the account email address, including details of the records sent and the unsent records.

                                          Avoid email throttling

                                          To avoid email throttling for your account, ensure that every email batch contains genuine email records. When re-using a list, clean and update the list to avoid bounce records.