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and develop

Put your HR data to work and explore deep insights and uncover the key drivers behind employee engagement and retention with SogoEX.

Track employee engagement trends - and act

Powerful HR analytics with SogoEX helps you identify your employee experience management priorities—and drive decisions with the biggest impact.


SogoEX places robust analytical power at your fingertips, allowing you to prioritize and target the right opportunities and initiatives to recruit and retain top talent.

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What can SogoEX do for your HR department?

This easy-to-use yet powerful platform goes beyond a simple employee experience survey to give you the tools you need to monitor employee engagement and develop keen insights into what your employees are thinking and feeling.

Discover what matters most

With SogoEX, you’ll not only have the right data at your fingertips, but also the tools to take action. You’ll clearly understand the drivers and relationships revealed by your employees’ mindsets, needs, and behaviors.

Stay ahead of trends

SogoEX reveals employee sentiment via user-friendly reports and dashboards, allowing you to assess where your employee experience management efforts are headed.

Tackle employee churn before it becomes a problem

With SogoEX, you can understand how well you retain employees and utilize employee feedback data to monitor for churn signals.

Understand your workforce more deeply

Drill-down into employee feedback to track employee sentiment over time and understand how and why fluctuations may occur.

Analyze hard-to-quantify data

With automatic sentiment and text analytics, SogoEX helps you to make changes based on what’s important to your employees by quantifying sentiment and categorizing topics in text-based feedback.

Improve recruiting and retention efforts

With aggregated engagement data, you can develop more effective recruiting and retention efforts by tracking what keeps employees engaged, as well as what resonates in the hiring and onboarding process.

Collaborate securely

Share dynamic links to real-time results to keep everyone in the loop and enable quick follow-up.

Promote efficiency

Take the headache out of creating and managing reports with reporting canvas, templates, and one-click report options. Build easy-to-understand reports—and automatically compute key factors to save time and effort.

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