Limit Survey Responses to Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing

To avoid skewed survey data, Sogolytics enables you to provide a unique key to each participant. This prevents people from taking your survey more than once.

  • Prevent ballot-box stuffing
  • Guarantee one response per participant
  • Ensure accurate data

Traditionally, ballot box stuffing applies to elections. It means to illegally fill a ballot box with more votes than the number of real voters. It also applies to surveys when a participant takes the survey more than once, or even multiple times. This immediately diminishes the quality and integrity of your survey results. That’s why it’s so important to limit survey responses to one unique response per participant.

Sogolytics' Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing feature uses a unique key for each participant and a powerful algorithm to limit survey responses and ensure data integrity. Other survey tools use simple cookies that can be easily cleared. Sogolytics advanced technology to limit survey responses makes it easy to get the results you need.

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