Market research and analysis

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Powering growth through insights

Companies that often conduct market research and analysis are significantly more likely to report a revenue increase over the last 12 months (76%) than those who infrequently conduct market research (65%).
*Hanover Research
Do you have a clear picture of your target market?

Boost loyalty by intuiting customer wants and preferences. How? Connect with your customers using market research survey tools and advanced analytics that dive into the details.

Intuit Needs

Gain the competitive edge

Use engaging market research surveys to dive deep into what your target audience wants and bring the right products to market before your competition does.
Track Patterns

Spot emerging market trends

Our advanced analytics enable you to observe trends over time and develop a clear picture of what’s next so you can make informed decisions.
Identify Preferences

Minimize overall risk

Sogolytics helps you uncover insights that lead to decreased time-to-value and lowered risk when introducing new products or ideas.
Flexible and fully supported
Comprehensive Dashboard

Find everything you need in one place with easy-to-use dashboards, while our intuitive UI ensures you get all the information you need, seamlessly.

Customizable Surveys

Get started quickly with ready-made templates or customize your survey completely with personalized themes, logos, custom URLs, and more.

Advanced Reporting

Easily import results from paper surveys into our online market research platform to compare data over time, against benchmarks, and filtered and segmented into key groups.

Unmatched Support

24/7/365 support, from self-serve options to live chat and scheduled calls - our industry leading support executives are there for you, so you can keep moving forward.

Understand both the how and the why of your target market

Powerful analytics help you quickly discern what your customers prefer. Realign your priorities to match with your audience with analytics that delve into the granular details.

Integrate multimedia in your market research surveys

Include examples of products, branding, packaging, or advertising in your market research surveys to collect critical feedback to inform decisions.

Gather insights without breaking your budget! Sogolytics puts crucial market research data at your fingertips at an affordable cost.

Product development

Start product launches off on the right foot by learning what customers want, at what price point, and whether you're offering the features that customers expect.

Customer behavior

Find out the deeper motivations behind why your customers make purchases, and which factors compel them to choose one product over another.

Market segmentation

Break down customers and their behaviors across different segments, tailor products and services, and target the right customers with the right message.

A/B testing

Reveal what resonates with customers through A/B tests. Pit two options against each other to make changes and choices based on performance, not guesswork.

Brand awareness

What do customers really think of your brand—and do they even know what makes your company different? Learn how consumers perceive you, and how to boost brand sentiment.

Market trends

Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring and predicting market trends, and innovate products or services that appeal to tomorrow’s consumers.

Website experience and usability

Learn whether your website hits the mark and performs as intended. Find out what needs to be tweaked in order to enhance the experience for your users and build loyalty.

Panel services

Along with our powerful data analytics and market research platform, Sogolytics can also help you collect high-quality data across any demographic through panel services.

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