Engage your customers and increase your NPS

SogoCX helps you measure, analyze, and improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to create meaningful customer experiences and reduce churn.

Reach your customers where they are

SogoCX offers a powerful, comprehensive platform designed to help you create brand advocates and lifelong customers. With SogoCX, you can:

Segment customers by their levels of loyalty and engagement
Identify at-risk customers and areas for improvement
Automate outreach and response based on satisfaction levels
Review data in real time against industry benchmarks
Build and improve outreach to raise satisfaction in all sectors
Track customer satisfaction levels across time and touchpoints
Boost NPS
with a single solution

Rather than piling multiple tools on top of a bare bones NPS survey software, bring everything together with SogoCX. Send smarter surveys, increase response rates, and improve satisfaction by reaching customers in the ways they prefer. Reach out to your customers worldwide as easily as if they lived next door.


Customize beautiful unique invitations that represent your brand while collecting feedback

Messaging apps

Connect with customers on the channels they prefer

Text or SMS

Send a quick follow-up message to check in on key CX touchpoints

QR codes

Collect contact-free feedback in an easy and accessible way

Why are NPS surveys so important?

The key to long-term success isn’t scrambling for new customers. It’s finding out what drives your existing customers, making sure to keep them happy, and turning them into a powerful marketing force as they enhance and grow your brand.

Tracking NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics allows you stay ahead of customer demand, head off growing issues, and craft a successful and profitable strategy for your company.

Unlock growth with SogoCX

SogoCX helps you understand your customers and what they want. With the in-depth analytics, you not only gauge how loyal your customers are, but also understand what matters to them so that you and your employees know exactly how to create the most impactful experiences.

Companies with the most loyal customers grow faster than their competitors
Loyal customers visit more frequently and spend more per visit than detractors
Understanding NPS can help increase a company’s organic growth rate significantly
The simplicity of the Net Promoter Score survey helps everyone in the organization easily understand and use this metric
What exactly is NPS
and how does it work?

Net Promoter Score is the simplest customer loyalty metric to accurately assess what your customers think of you. Using a 0 to 10 scale, the NPS survey question asks customers how likely they are to recommend the company/brand/product to others.

NPS prompts customers to consider a higher standard. When making a recommendation, customers think twice about their choices, which reveals deeper insights into their feelings about your offering. A simple breakdown categorizes customers as Detractors, Passives, and Promoters.

Detractors 0 – 6

These respondents are less satisfied and are unlikely to have a positive impact on your organization. They are unlikely to recommend you and may even generate negative publicity about you.

Passives 7 or 8

Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers. They may defect to competitors if they see any available benefits.

Promoters 9 or 10

These are your brand ambassadors—your most loyal and satisfied customers. They are most likely to refer new customers and spend more themselves.

SogoCX offers a powerful and comprehensive NPS tool specifically designed to help you engage your customers at every stage of their journey with your company.

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How do you calculate a
Net Promoter Score?

NPS is calculated on a scale of -100 to +100. To calculate NPS, simply subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. The more Promoters you have, the better! Promoters often actively work to expand your reach and improve the perception of your brand, bringing more customers on board with their positive reviews.

What is a good NPS?

Any score that is positive can be considered to be a good NPS score. Still, more specific ranges vary by context: industry, touchpoint, and location of the customer can have a huge impact. To understand exactly where you stand, it makes more sense to compare your NPS against industry benchmarks. The reality is, though, if you’re trying to measure your own improvement, the most valuable comparison is against your past data from similar touchpoints. The change in scores will give you an idea of the impact of your CX program.

What is a bad NPS?

A bad NPS score and/or a downward trending score is a leading indicator of high churn, high customer acquisition costs, and overall declining growth and profitability. Bad NPS scores are usually those in negatives, and indicate a need for further investigation to understand what is creating the chaos.

Improve your NPS Score with SogoCX

Rather than piling multiple tools on top of a bare bones NPS survey software, bring everything together with SogoCX. Send smarter surveys, increase response rates, and improve satisfaction by reaching customers in the ways they prefer. Reach out to your customers worldwide as easily as if they lived next door.

Understand the ‘why’ behind the feedback

Understanding the key drivers of customer loyalty helps you create effective programs to improve your Net Promoter Score, and standalone NPS survey tools can’t deliver. Expand understanding with the SogoCX Key Driver Analysis report and pinpoint what matters the most to your customers to prioritize the next steps for your customer experience program.

Measure NPS at all stages of the customer journey

Delayed feedback isn’t as valuable as fresh feedback. Sending a short survey after a specific touchpoint is more likely to generate valuable, meaningful feedback. SogoCX makes it easy to automate your processes and workflows to ensure that your surveys reach customers at just the right moment.

Identify the customers most likely to leave

Getting the NPS score is the easy part. Beyond basic Net Promoter Score software, SogoCX takes insights to the next level through advanced text and semantic analysis to predict the probability of customer retention and also identify key pain points.


Understand your strengths and improve customer experience with SogoCX.

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