Make strategic decisions
with intelligent survey reports

Reporting survey results has never been easier! With SogoSurvey’s powerful reporting module, you can quickly crunch your data and generate professional charts, graphs, and tables to reveal clear insights!

Create captivating reports
that make a point

Building survey reports doesn’t have to be a struggle! SogoSurvey decodes feedback to present the data in captivating and easy-to-read formats. Change the chart styles, customize report colors, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to win stakeholder buy-in or decipher survey results to make informed strategic decisions, our survey reports are designed to give you the answers you need at a glance.

Turn feedback into insights
to inform next steps

Let data guide you forward. Make the most of your feedback with reports that inform decisions.

Identify connections

Drill deeper into your data to identify connections between variables, spot key drivers, and uncover insights with the help of numerous reporting formats.

Make your case

Present your data to stakeholders with powerful reporting features that help showcase your takeaways in a clear and concise format.

Improve decision-making

Data-driven insights help you make the right decisions, every time. View real-time results to identify trends and inform time-sensitive decisions.

Drill down deeper in your data
to make important connections

Bar Graph Reports

Choose from 10 different customizable charts and graphs such as area charts, pie charts, and radar charts.

Response Rate Report

Observe response trends for a particular survey question such as year-to-year satisfaction with a product or service.

Statistical Report

Analyze your data using standard statistical measures such as mean, median, mode, and standard deviation.

Conditional Report

Create filters so you can focus on sub-group relationships that allow you to react to important trends in real time.

Comparison Report

Compare different datasets from a single survey in order to view how different groups responded to particular questions.

Cross Tab Report

View possible correlations between two or three variables in order to compare how different groups answered your survey questions.

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With Sogolytics, getting started is easy. We provide transparent monthly and annual pricing plans to help meet your needs. Explore our list of features, sign up online, and launch your campaign. If you prefer, try us for free. Seriously.

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We offer a lot more than ready survey reports. Sogolytics offers interactive features, powerful analytics, and versatile reporting to help you make the most of your feedback!

How can Sogolytics help me with reporting?

Break down your data with powerful survey analysis reporting features. With numerous formats, from bar graphs to conditional reports, Sogolytics helps you ensure that your data is presented in a format that is ideal for your audience. You can use this to draw connections, spot patterns, and make a point, to drive informed decision-making time and again. Sogolytics help you create professional and customizable ready-to-present reports so your data is presented in the best possible format, every time.

Can I customize my survey report?

You can create nuanced survey insights reports with Sogolytics, easily. We offer various customizable features so that your report reflects your style. Change the colors, alter the style, and pick from our numerous graphs and charts to ensure your survey data is presented in the way you envisioned.

Can I see real-time results?

With Sogolytics, you can see the answers as they roll in. Our live reports add another dimension to your data analysis, helping you spot trends over time and data patterns in real time.

Who is Sogolytics useful for?

Sogolytics is ideal for everyone, from individuals to small businesses and even larger enterprises. Our platform is designed to grow with your business, ensuring you have the best platform at every step of your growth. So, whether you’re looking to use your survey results in press releases or to win stakeholder buy-in to make important decisions, we ensure your survey data is presented in a clear and compelling format.

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