Maximize your reporting power
with Salesforce integration

Break down silos to connect critical data across platforms and see powerful results.

Make the best decisions for your business with the best in the business

With the organizational structure of Salesforce and the power of Sogolytics, you can have organized data to back your decisions.

Platforms that communicate

Create efficient processes and unleash the power of data with Sogolytics’s Salesforce integration.

Capture Critical Insights

Push Data into Salesforce

Push your data from Sogolytics into your Salesforce accounts. Keep up to date on how satisfied your customers are, or see how well your employees performed on their most recent job assessment.
Customize Your Outreach

Pull Insights From Salesforce

Customize your survey experience for your audience based on data pulled from your Salesforce account by ensuring that participants are surveyed only about the products or services they use.
Automate the Process

Set Critical Triggers

Get the best feedback, instantly. Set triggers based on select actions for rapid follow-ups and reminders so that you capture insights from your audience at the exact right time.

Sogolytics + Salesforce = Success

Get Started Quickly

Sync your Salesforce account with Sogolytics, hassle-free and unlock all the features we offer to enhance your customer relationship management.

Map Out Success

Map your question types into the salesforce fields. With 11 different question types to track key metrics and more, make the most of your feedback by getting all the data in one place.

Spot Engagement Patterns

Capture critical customer satisfaction and engagement data by connecting your Salesforce client accounts to the surveys to identify changing response patterns and assess loyalty.

Don’t Lose the Leads

Use your contact and leads from Salesforce to create a list in Sogolytics and easily distribute relevant surveys, assessments, employee pulse checks, and more!

Have your data do the heavy lifting.

Integrating your Sogolytics and Salesforce accounts means that you can use data from both to continue to grow by capturing critical insights.
Join the strongest brands on the planet.


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