Dear Survey Participant,

Thank you for taking a moment to complete the survey sent to you. Your candid feedback is important to the organization running this survey. It shall serve as the basis of decisions that are meant to provide you with better policy, product or service.

In anticipation of your concerns on privacy and anonymity, we at Sogolytics have taken the necessary measures to protect all information provided by our clients as well as survey participants. To ensure that survey respondents have an accurate understanding of our policy on these issues and the difference between Confidentiality and Anonymity, we have provided the following information:

Sogolytics Anonymous Surveys

Anonymity is the right of a survey participant by which the party administering the survey is not able to link an individual respondent to a particular response based on the email address or the login of the invitee or the IP address of the computer from where the response was received. In essence, there is no electronic trace by which your response could be linked to you.

We have developed technology that precludes the organization that sends you a survey from linking you to your response through such electronic trace. Such surveys are identified by an automatic link that reads "This is a Sogolytics Anonymous Survey" appearing the bottom of each page. We are able to do this by de-linking the individual response from the email address or login of the survey respondent or the IP address from where the survey was submitted. The only information that can be viewed is the information provided in the survey.

When the organization that is administering the survey views their reports, both the IP address and email address fields are masked as shown below

Email Address IP Address Participation Date
Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous 29-Jul-05 at 15:16 EST
Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous 29-Jul-05 at 15:14 EST

Please be advised that all our clients have the ability to make a survey anonymous. If they select this option, an automatic message will appear at the bottom of each page of the survey informing the respondent this survey is guaranteed to be anonymous by Sogolytics. However, please bear in mind that if the survey asks for any personally identifying information such as name or email address, it will not be a truly anonymous survey. When possible, you may choose to leave these fields blank, otherwise you may wish to contact the survey administrator who has requested your participation. Further, please be sure not to divulge information that would allow anyone reading your response to determine your identity based on such information. This is particularly true for open-ended responses. However, we want to assure you that your identity will not be revealed based on any electronic trace such as your email address or IP address when you participate in a survey marked as SoGo Anonymous Survey.

Reminders for SoGo Anonymous Surveys

You may legitimately wonder how a survey be anonymous if you receive a reminder marking you as someone who has yet to respond. Our technology can do this without identifying the persons to whom reminders are being sent. Only a part of our database which is not accessible to the person administering the survey "knows" who has responded to an anonymous survey. The Survey Administrator will never gain access to this information.


Confidentiality is the practice of keeping the information you have provided secret. We are committed to being faithful custodians of data on behalf of our clients. Every aspect of permissible use of our platform by our clients is regarded as confidential information. Under terms of the contract between us, we do not share such information with third parties nor do we claim any rights on it. For more information regarding privacy, please refer to our privacy policy located on our website at

That said, the organization requesting your feedback through this survey may have its own privacy policy and the information you provide may be subject to those policies. For more information on how the Survey Administrator requesting your participation in this survey handles confidentiality, please contact them directly.

Please do not hesitate to email us at Click here to contact Client Services, for any additional questions.