Sogolytics Sub-processors List

Below is a list of sub-processors used by Sogolytics to process customer personal data. Sogolytics strictly uses these sub-processors to provide services to customer and management of customer data.

Subprocessor NamePurpose
Google Cloud PlatformNatural Language Processing services
TawkTo provide chat support services
CalendlyManage demos and webinar
Cybersource/Global PaymentsPayment sub-processor
Microsoft Bing TranslatorLanguage translation services
TwilioEnables users to send surveys via SMS
Salesforce CRM system
Pardot CRM system for email communication
CDNsunContent delivery network
ZapierIntegration with various third-party tools
OpenAIText rephrase and completion
AmbassadorReferral Services
Microsoft AzureHosting Services
Microsoft AzureNatural Language Processing services


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