Automatically Change Answer Sequence to Avoid Survey Bias

With Sogolytics, you can automatically display your answer options in a new order each time a participant accesses your survey. This prevents the common issue of participants tending to choose the first or last options more frequently (primacy bias and recency bias).

  • Eliminate survey bias by changing the order of your answers
  • Rotate or randomize answer options to vary presentation

Using the rotate or randomize options can minimize two common and well-known survey biases that occur when respondents choose the first answer (primacy) or the last answer (recency) from the list of answer options. In some cases, of course, it's better to alphabetize answer options or order them sequentially, for example, to present an organized and predictable display to reduce participant confusion. Still, intelligent features like Answer Sequence ensure you get the highest quality data on which to base your findings.

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Also known as: rotation rules, list randomizer


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