Survey data management
made easier

Sogolytics gives you the flexibility to import data for existing projects, or export to the most popular formats. All the while, your data integrity is protected as you take online survey analysis to the next level.

Key Features

Export to Microsoft Office formats

Export directly to Word or Excel to delve deeper into your survey results or archive them.

Export to Access

Based on organizational preferences, you can export your results to this Microsoft database format.

Export to HTML

Display attractive results and improve transparency by exporting your survey data to the web-friendly HTML format.

Export to CSV

Following online survey data collection, export results as per the technical specifications of CSV (Comma-Separated Value) format for further analysis.

Export to XML

XML (Extensible Markup Language) makes it easier to use your data across other devices and applications.

Export to SPSS

Keep results secure and conduct in-depth online survey analysis and survey data mining by exporting responses for use in SPSS

Export to Sogolytics

If you’re planning on uploading your data back into Sogo for further reporting and analysis, this is the format you want. You’ll find it simple to export and easy to import.

Import Survey Data for Deeper Analysis

For a broader perspective, import all your data – multiple surveys, different tools, across various formats – and our powerful platform will analyze trends and uncover new insights.

Manage your online data

Sogolytics will keep all of your data safe and secure, but there are still plenty of ways to export data into other formats for further archiving and analysis. Conversely, you can import outside data to take full advantage of our powerful platform.


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