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Our powerful platform empowers you to design surveys that engage your participants, increase response rates, and analyze participant responses with ease.

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Create surveys that captivate your audience with an easily customizable survey layout. Change the theme, use a variety of survey questions, and add interactive elements to increase participation rates and get the data you need.

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Numerous Question Types

A good survey includes variety. That's why we offer over 20 different question types and multimedia options to include throughout your survey to keep your participants engaged.

Survey Template Bank

Need some help? Our extensive template bank comes with a list of specific questions for various survey goals. Pick the one that suits you to get started!

Multilingual Surveys

Make it easy for participants to answer questions in their language with multilingual surveys. Use automatic translations to create surveys that resonate with your audience.

Customize look and feel

Create a strong first impression by customizing the look and feel of your survey to really connect. Explore our features and create a survey questionnaire design that reflects your purpose.

Flexible Survey Layout

Sogolytics doesn’t limit you to a single layout style. Indulge your creativity by exploring our various survey layout features to get started!

Question Piping

Want to capture your participants’ attention? Take a respondent’s answer and link it in subsequent questions to create surveys that feel like a conversation.

Advanced Skip Logic

Make sure your participants only see follow-ups that are relevant to their answers by designing survey questions with advanced skip logic.

Question Branching

Improve survey results by ensuring using single- and multi-question branching, eliminating sections that are irrelevant to participants based on previous responses.

Test Surveys and Invitations

Test your survey beforehand to make sure your survey design is on point. Send out test links to colleagues and friends to make sure you’re on the right track.

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With Sogolytics, getting started is easy. We provide transparent monthly and annual pricing plans to help meet your needs. Explore our list of features, sign up online, and launch your campaign. If you prefer, try us for free. Seriously.

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Don’t just stop at beautiful surveys. Sogolytics offers interactive features, powerful analytics, and versatile reporting to help you make the most of your feedback!

How can I make my survey more engaging?

To make sure you capture and hold participants’ attention, you need to create a survey that is interactive and dynamic. The most important aspect is to ensure that every question you ask is relevant. Use multiple question types, from multiple choice to rating style, and even text responses. By instilling a good balance of open-ended questions and close-ended questions, and using features such as branching and piping to make your questions more personal and relevant, you will be sure to keep participants engaged.

What survey design best practices should I follow?

The best surveys are quick, direct, and interactive. To ensure your survey is the best it can be, the first thing you need to do is identify your goal. Based on this, you can begin creating survey questions that matter. When you’re designing survey questions, make sure you aren’t asking any double-barreled questions. For example, “Were you satisfied with our hotel staff and the food served?” Such a question, combined with a straightforward response option such as a yes or no, or even a rating scale, can cause frustration for participants. The reason being, what if the guests were happy with one (example, hotel staff), but not the other? The survey form design needs to be simple and engaging. A survey with too many questions can look overwhelming, often increasing abandonment or even leading to inaccurate responses. This would greatly impact survey results, leading to inaccurate insights that impact decision making.

Is Sogolytics the right survey platform for research surveys?

We have a plan for everyone. When it comes to survey research, our monthly and yearly plans are a great start. Each plan comes with a comprehensive range of features, empowering you to optimize based on your goals, with the option to upgrade if the need arises. If your aim is to work on descriptive survey research, design and implement surveys that leverage our powerful analytics to help you gain both qualitative and quantitative insights.

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