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Paying for SoGoSurvey using a Purchase Order

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Most SoGoSurvey customers pay for subscriptions by credit card, which is convenient for all concerned. However, we recognize that credit card payment is not always feasible, so we offer you the option of paying for a SoGoSurvey subscription using a purchase order instead. To pay by purchase order, you must purchase a yearly package (SoGoSurvey Pro: $788/year; SoGoSurvey Plus: $299/year; or SoGoSurvey Premium: $1188/year). There is an additional processing fee of $50.

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To pay by purchase order, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account for your company.
  2. Send an email to support1@sogolytics.com, indicating the User ID of the account to be upgraded. Attach your purchase order ($349US for SoGoSurvey Plus, $530US for SoGoSurvey Pro, or $1,238US for SoGoSurvey Premium).
  3. Your account will be upgraded within one business day. We will notify you by email.
  4. SoGoSurvey will email you an invoice which must be paid within one week to keep your account in good standing. US-based companies can send a check by postal mail. Companies based outside of United States need to wire the money; we will provide details for wiring in the email.

If you do not yet have a free account, get started by signing up now.

"It's an excellent product for a very good price! SoGoSurvey saved us thousands of dollars over using a different software. And we love, love, love the technical support."

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