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Deliver real-time snapshots, focused analysis, and big-picture reports with ease. Sogolytic’s reporting options and templates do all the heavy lifting when it comes to analyzing complex data and displaying actionable insights and understandable survey analysis reports.

Key Features

Microsoft Office Integration

Export reports to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint so that you can analyze and format the results to meet your organization’s needs.

Segmentation Report

Get more insights by simultaneously generating complete yet separate survey analysis reports for each department, location, or other units of analysis.

Sharable Live Report URL

Securely share the latest survey reports with your team and make the most of your survey window with live report URLs.

Verbatim Report

Review responses to open-ended questions together, or group them by key segments for quicker evaluation.

Conditional Report

Analyze the influence of certain variables or time periods by setting conditions on your survey reports.

Comparison Report

Line up multiple data sets side-by-side in table or graph format to make analysis easier than ever.

Pivot Table Report

Explore relationships between multiple variables based on the responses already collected to better identify and understand correlation.

Response Trend Report

Track responses over time or across groups to strategize communication and improve participation.

We get results

As responses pour in, you can see instant, real-time results—alongside valuable metadata concerning survey participation. Sogolytics will do the data analysis for you, generating beautiful reports that are easy to share.


Sogolytics’ omni report will give you an instant overview of all your survey results. But there are also many ways to dig deeper and uncover hidden insights. Compare different departments, analyze changes over time, and much more!


Dive deeper into our survey reporting module by exploring our analysis features and report customization options!

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