Customer Suggestion Box Form Template

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Every organization needs to make decisions. Who better to help you make these decisions than the customers you serve? Build a better understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses by using our customer suggestion box template. This clear and simple form is designed to help you clearly classify feedback based on topic, giving you genuine insights that can fuel your growth trajectory.

Get Actionable Experience Insights

Perhaps you’ll discover that the product price point is a little too high, or get ideas about market demands – if you don’t accept feedback, who knows what you’ll be missing? Customer suggestion box forms can encompass every aspect of your business, and are an absolute must-have for retailers, both online and off-line.

  • Customize Each FormAn interview is an important part of developing a case study, but a well-designed customer case study form can be engaging and interactive while allowing your clients the opportunity to stop and reflect before responding. Keep simple questions simple, but make the most of participants’ answers with a wide range of question types and smart skip logic to get to the most relevant questions for each respondent. Try to collect the most useful information without overwhelming your participants – after all, they’re doing you a favor. Ideally, minimize the number of questions but keep customers engaged with features like Focus Mode and Data Population.
  • Multi-Channel DistributionWhile tailoring the form to your business is a piece of cake, distributing it is even easier. A key part of collecting the most responses is reaching customers wherever they are, whenever they have something to share. Our multi-channel distribution makes data collection easy for you and for your participants. Embed the form onto your website, distribute it via email, share by social media, and wait for the responses to roll in.
  • Powerful ReportingData without analysis is pointless. Understand what your customers are saying with our powerful reporting tools. Select and compare answers, visualize trends, identify common suggestions using our Natural Language Processing analytics, and drill down on every detail in a secure system that prioritizes your data privacy.


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