Company Culture Survey Template

Designed for organizational training and development, the Company Culture Survey insightfully measures company climate and employee satisfaction with the work environment. Specific questions about company culture and vital work environment issues are covered in this sample survey – from trust and team accountability to interpersonal respect and general feelings of purpose and fulfillment.

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2 minutes (approx.)
How can our culture survey template help?

How well does your actual company culture reflect your core values? Our Company Culture Survey is designed to uncover the answer. Understand the current work environment while identifying the changes in leadership, management, and work that would embody your values while maximizing productivity.

Regularly conducting a company culture survey is essential for any successful business or organization. A positive culture helps attract and retain the best talent, which, in turn, can strengthen relationships with your customers, vendors and other strategic partners.

Organizational culture must be monitored and nurtured to ensure that it reflects the organization’s vision, core values and beliefs. Cultures can be enriched, and they can also be transformed. These efforts, however, require a comprehensive assessment and understanding of an organization’s current strengths and weaknesses, including corporate values and behavioral norms.

The Employee Company Culture Survey provides a picture of your organization’s needs and can be used to elicit employee opinions on a range of issues such as the company’s success in communicating its mission to employees, or internal issues such as quality of the work environment.

Its questions gauge employees’ feelings about their own unique roles, as well as their beliefs and perceptions about the company as a whole.

Benefits of Company Culture Surveys
1.Understand how your employees perceive your company culture
2.Help your employees thrive by understanding key employee experience gaps
3.Monitor changing employee sentiments over time to take rapid action
4.Ensure that your company culture aligns with your core company values with nuanced feedback
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How to use this survey template?

Once you sign in to your Sogolytics account, simply select a template from the bank to get started. Edit, add, or remove questions as per your needs, and create the survey you need easily.

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How does a survey template work?

A survey template is a professionally designed questionnaire designed to meet the specific goals of the identified project type. The structure, questions, and answers have been carefully developed to enable users to connect with the right audiences to achieve the appropriate purpose. This template is already built and waiting within the Sogolytics platform, saving time in both the generation of ideas and actual development of the survey. Survey templates also provide a source of inspiration for those uncertain where to begin or seeking guidance and new insights on existing projects.

Can I customize a survey template before I launch?

Yes! While a template provides a solid starting point, most users will choose to customize the survey template before launching. Customization may include adding or removing questions or answers, modifying text, and revisiting logic, pre-population, or other functionality. Visually, a template may also be customized to reflect the appropriate branding, such as a logo, colors, and styles.

How can I get this survey template?

If you don’t already have a Sogolytics account, click “Try This Template” below. You’ll receive a copy of the template in your inbox and you’ll also complete sign-up for a free Sogolytics account. When you log in to the account, the template will be ready and waiting for you to get started.

Where can I find survey templates in my Sogolytics account?

If you already have a Sogolytics account, you’ll find the Template Bank on the home screen when you log in. You’ll also see the option to start from a template every time you create a new project. Create a project on the home screen, from All Projects, or while you’re working on another project. Interested in just a few questions from a specific template? Add them to the Question Bank in your account and re-use them when and where they work best.

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