Employee Performance Evaluation Survey Template

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Elevate your organization's success by understanding and optimizing employee performance. Our Employee Performance Evaluation Survey questions are designed to enable managers and supervisors to give actionable feedback on specific aspects of employees’ work, including areas for improvement, additional training needs, areas of exceptional performance, and expectations of future performance. These employee performance survey questions are applicable to employees at almost any level and in any industry.

Keep in mind: An employee performance review template is simply a starting point. The most effective evaluation will be aligned with organizational and role-based goals. Questions provided here offer a solid foundation as an example to jump start your internal plans for feedback collection. Just getting started? Begin with an annual employee performance questionnaire. Ready to grow? Utilize all or some of these employee performance survey questions throughout the year to collect feedback on employee performance from multiple managers and colleagues to provide a more holistic view of their successes and challenges.

It is important for employees to know where they stand in their careers, and an employee performance questionnaire allows management to communicate guidelines for compensation increases, track employee accomplishments, and identify candidates for promotion. These evaluations also provide a perfect time to look at individual and team capabilities while identifying opportunities for growth.

Continuous feedback from an employee evaluation questionnaire on employee performance is important for professional growth. While organizations generally conduct employee performance reviews once a year, use this employee performance questionnaire for research to make regular progress checks, as will allow managers and employees to address any issues before they hinder job performance.

The Employee Performance Evaluation questionnaire assists supervisors and managers in evaluating employees on a full range of job-specific competencies, from major performance areas such as productivity, dependability, adaptability and decision-making, to team-related issues, including communication and cooperation, with clear and concise employee performance survey questions.

This employee performance survey questionnaire comes with tailored employee performance questions which can be used for both intermediate evaluations and long-term research. While customization is easy, this comprehensive template provides a solid foundation for a well-rounded questionnaire for employee performance.


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