Employee Satisfaction with Departments Survey Template

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The Employee Satisfaction with Departments Survey enables companies with multiple departments to determine the proficiencies of those departments as perceived by their fellow employees. Employees are asked to rate departments on professionalism, performance, responsiveness, and more.

There is a close link between how internal customers are treated and the resulting customer satisfaction of external customers. While it’s not always immediately obvious, what employees do and how they interact with and treat other employees has a direct effect on the customer.

Therefore, the quality of the interactions and service among the departments in an organization (individual employees and teams) is critical. An external customer who has a negative experience can harm an organization by discouraging others from patronizing it, and negative comments and reviews on social media can be devastating to an organization. By finding ways to improve employee relations.

You can foster a healthier and more satisfying work environment and avoid potentially negative customer experiences. With the Employee Satisfaction with Departments Survey, you can gain insight into how your organization is perceived by its employees, gain perspective on employees’ strengths and motivations, and recognize the teams or departments that may benefit from additional coaching or professional development.


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