Medical Examination Services Survey

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Take a quick patient pulse following a medical exam and understand the quality and efficiency of the experience.

Patients need medical exams, physicals, and other procedures for any number of different reasons. Some are clockwork annual check-ups, some are targeted to follow up on a specific issue, and still others are exploratory to see what issues might appear upon examination. The health of any medical clinic or office can benefit from the same type of examination through the use of regular data collection.

The Medical Examination Services Survey collects feedback on a patient’s overall experience following a medical exam. Additionally, it drills down into experiences with the staff members involved, the speed and efficiency of the process, and the proximity, cleanliness, and comfort of the facility. By including or even pre-filling relevant demographic data, it will be possible to look at patient data through a number of different lenses.

Analyze results by procedure, date, gender, age range, or your choice of other filters, and you’ll be able to identify trends and opportunities for specific improvements to turn your data into action. A simple medical examination can offer insights both to patients and providers, leading to early detection of issues and plans for improving health and satisfaction.


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