Post-Course Evaluation Survey Template and Questionnaire

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Professional development courses can transform work performance, improve employee engagement, and lead to a much more inspiring work culture – if they are well conducted.

Find out what your employees thought about your most recent training course with the help of transparent and constructive feedback. Our Post-Course Evaluation Survey template gives you a strong base to build on as you reflect on the highlights and issues of your training. Start from a template with key post-training survey questions so you won’t miss out on important insights.

Improve Employee Training Courses with Insightful Feedback

  • Completely CustomizableWhether you just conducted a training session focused on skill development or the latest security compliances, it’s important to ask relevant questions so that you get the most insightful feedback. That’s why our post-course evaluation questionnaire template provides a solid foundation without limiting your options. Customize the content to reflect the course and understand just what your participants appreciated most and found most effective. Relevant questions and engaging surveys are essential for getting the best insights.
  • Ensure Anonymity Criticism can be difficult to convey, but it’s the most crucial of all feedback since it pin-points just how your professional development trainings can be improved. Perhaps a key point was missed, or maybe activities weren’t interactive enough to truly engage participants. Give attendees a chance to voice their honest opinion with our Anonymous Survey feature. This even comes with the Sogolytics seal of anonymity to ensure that participants maintain privacy while delivering you actionable insights!
  • Leading Analytics Read between the lines to understand what your respondents are really saying. Our advanced analytics help you dissect responses by identifying overarching patterns. You can segment your reports based on different departments, across office locations, and more. Add in filters to highlight trends, discover common challenges across the organization, and understand engagement gaps.Our analytics suite provides you with both a quick overview and customized, ready-to-share reports so that you can immediately deliver real-time results to right team members and get everyone up to speed!


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