Impress users at  every interaction

Understand what your customers are looking for – across their entire lifecycle – to create a stronger, more meaningful brand.

Become irresistible and irreplaceable

Create meaningful interactions to drive business growth and build a competitive brand.

of businesses have been replacing their software more frequently since 2021.1
of customers consider solution providers to be trusted advisers. Those that help them track value are twice as likely to be trusted and make customers their advocates.2
of organizations fear introducing AI in their CX flows puts their brand reputation at risk.3


Deliver on your brand promises by enabling exceptional experiences at every stage.

Increase brand satisfaction

Discover unlimited possibilities for your brand

Competitive buying cycles make it tempting for customers to move to another solution. Our CX platform highlights the key drivers to power your brand’s long-term sustainability.

Showcase Your Style

Customize your invitations, surveys, pop-ups, and more to ensure your brand is highlighted clearly and consistently at every touchpoint.

Deepen Understanding of your Market

Collect data on market trends, preferences 
and brand reputation to supply product development, sales, and marketing.

Build Client Loyalty

Leverage key findings from our reporting 
and dashboard suite to create engaging experiences that delight your clients – and disrupt the market

Improve Your Reviews

From review sites to events to word-of-mouth, managing your reputation can have a huge impact on your brand. Time to get growing!

Identify Advocates and References

Learn and grow from how your customers
deploy your software and find your next
brand ambassadors.

24x7 Support

Call on us! From getting started to fine-tuning your CX programs, our team is here to help you and your team along the way!


Enable customers to achieve their current and future goals and you’ll build a must-have product – and brand leadership.
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T3 Expo + Sogolytics

T3 Expo runs hundreds of events every year and wanted to understand what drove customer satisfaction among their sponsors and attendees – and then the global pandemic halted their business.

Switching gears quickly, Sogolytics helped the T3 Expo team get answers and insights to help them pivot to a new business model while maintaining high standards and brand integrity.

Drive adoption based on market needs with our templates

Put your fingers on the pulse of your market with ready-to-go survey templates and web feedback forms. We offer a range of expertly designed templates in a fully stocked bank of questionnaires.

Simply select a template that fits your goals and easily tweak the questions, answers, and style as needed.

Product Feedback Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Image Choice Survey
Image Choice Survey
Customer Testimonial Form
Customer Testimonial Form
See the Sogolytics difference

Meet the experience management solution that focuses on branding, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Strong brands rely on deep market research and user feedback to continue to drive innovation that makes their top products irreplaceable.

From market research to employee feedback, explore numerous sources of insights with our comprehensive platform. Start with SogoCX, our customer experience solution, and scale as you grow.

Connect with our team to learn more about how we can help your team take the next steps forward.

Accurate, responsive brand messaging


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