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Assessment Project

    Assign Weights

    Want to learn more from your assessment results? Consider adding weights to your calculations! This option can be useful if some items in your assessment should carry more value than others.

    Assessment items can be grouped into multiple categories, allowing you to calculate overall score and scores by category. Adding weights into the equation allows you to assign percentage values to specific questions and categories.

    This option divides the total category score earned by the maximum possible score within each category, then multiplies by the percentage assigned to that category to get a weighted overall score.
    To get started, add all of the questions to your assessment, then move on to assigning scores and categorizing. Here’s how:

    1. In the Design menu bar, click on the Assign Scores button.
    2. Click on the Settings icon on the left panel.
    3. Toggle Assign Weights to Yes, then click Done.
    4. Next, assign scores to your answer options.
    5. Click Assign Weights to modify the default weights added.
    6. You can add weights to each category and each question in the category separately.

      The total of all category weights must equal 100%. Within each category, the total of all question weights must equal 100%.

    7. Questions with assigned scores that are not part of any category will be added under Uncategorized.

    8. Save your settings.