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                                          Define Dialogue Aging

                                          Dialogue Aging

                                          Fine-tune how Dialogues age to make your metrics matter.

                                          1. Under Settings, click on Dialogue Aging (under Reporting).
                                          2. To make changes, click the green Edit button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
                                          3. Be sure to click Save in the top right-hand corner to confirm any updates.

                                          Organization Year Start Date

                                          • Identify the month and date that begin your company’s fiscal/organizational year. This information will be used when generating reports on the Insights section of the Dashboard.
                                          • By default, July 1 is selected.

                                          Business Hours

                                          • Identify the hours during which employees are actively working and expected to respond to Dialogues. This information is used to calculate Dialogue aging. Dialogues will only age during these hours.
                                          • By default, business hours are set as 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

                                          Performance Indicator Display Threshold

                                          • Identify the minimum number of Dialogues required before Average Dialogue Age and Average Feedback Score will be displayed. This information will be used in generating Overview reports in the Dashboard.
                                          • By default, no minimum threshold is set.

                                          Average Dialogue Age Display

                                          • Identify how the average age of Dialogues is displayed, whether by days, hours, or hours and minutes. This information will be used in displaying Average Dialogue Age in both My Performance and Overview reports in the Dashboard.
                                          • By default, average age is displayed in days.

                                          Past Due Definition

                                          • Identify the point at which a Dialogue becomes overdue, in keeping with expectations set in all internal and external communication. This information will be used in displaying the Past Due count shown in My Performance and Overview reports on the Dashboard. For example, if 2 is entered, all Dialogues older than two days will be added to this count.
                                          • For departments or teams with unique reply-time expectations, click “+ Add an Exception” to select the Interest Areas or Categories to provide custom past due requirements.
                                          • By default, past due is defined as five days.

                                          Exclude Days from Dialogue Aging

                                          • Identify which days count against Dialogue age. Double-click on days to be excluded and enter the reason (Holiday, etc.). This information will be used in all Dialogue age calculations across the Dashboard.
                                          • By default, weekends and common holidays are already excluded. If any excluded days should count for your calendar, click on the relevant dates.
                                          • If you exclude the current or past days from Dialogue aging, the system will not update the data until the following day.