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                                          Overall Report Settings

                                          It’s easy to quickly apply key choices to your entire report through the options under Overall Report Settings.

                                          Click on the Overall Report Settings icon in the top right of your screen to update display preferences, then navigate through menus for questions, answer options, and graphs.


                                          • Display graphs: Check/uncheck to show/hide all graphs in the report
                                          • Display data tables: Check/uncheck to show/hide all data tables in the report
                                          • Display questions with no responses: Check/uncheck to show/hide any question that has not received responses
                                          • Display grid sub-questions separately: Check/uncheck to present grid sub-questions individually or together
                                          • Include Incomplete Responses: Choose to include incomplete responses in the analysis.

                                          Answer options

                                          • Default metric for data tables: Within data tables, display count, percentage of responses, or both
                                          • Decimal places: Calculate and display report results to the number of decimal places chosen here (0-2)
                                          • Percentage based on: Calculate response percentages based on responses to the given question or the total number of survey responses
                                          • Sort answers: Display answer options as shown in the survey, forward or backward alphabetical order, or from lowest or highest percentage
                                          • Display answer options with no responses: Check/uncheck to show/hide any answer option that has not received responses


                                          • Default graph for single-select questions: Set a standard graph type for all single-select questions
                                          • Default graph for grid questions: Set a standard graph type for all grid questions
                                          • Default color palette: Set your preferred color palette for all graphs

                                          Once selections have been made, click Save to confirm your choices.