Improving patient satisfaction with dynamic patient experience management

Expanded customer reach and patient feedback automation across nearly 60 locations
90% faster report creation and experience personalization for improved patient satisfaction
Developed their electronic Patient Satisfaction Survey Program for Community Health Centers
Sogolytics is a one-stop shop for everything in patient experience management — from patient journeys and stellar support to critical data and reporting tools. Sogolytics puts me in the command chair.
Data Resources
Coordinator, AUCH
Utah, US
Use Case
Patient Satisfaction

The Story

The challenge

AUCH wanted to provide patient feedback to drive patient engagement, plan new initiatives, and better manage patient experience

AUCH’s mission is to represent and support Utah’s Health Centers by providing Trainings and Technical Assistance (T/TA) to improve the quality of and access to comprehensive healthcare services. Patient satisfaction data is the critical ingredient required to fuel quality improvements, assess patient needs, and support data-driven solutions. Shelly Phillips, AUCH Data Resources Coordinator, planned to collect patient feedback in partnership with Utah’s Health Centers and provide reports to Health Centers to develop new programs, guide patient engagement, and optimize patients’ overall experience.

While patient feedback was a priority, their processes weren’t getting the job done. Even when they could get the patient surveys out, piecing together the right reports was an arduous, labor-intensive task. Excel files were used to manually build clinic-specific reports, then painstakingly rolled into a consolidated report. Every quarter it took up to a month and a half to get these reports out, before starting again the next quarter.

Without real-time data and analytics to better manage their patient experience, the AUCH Data Team was missing major deadlines with their electronic Patient Satisfaction Survey (ePSS) Program.

The AUCH Data Team needed a much more efficient solution. When plans to build a custom platform stalled out with an external developer who failed to prioritize the work, they started looking elsewhere for solutions with automated reporting capabilities.

We needed a software that was customizable to fit the needs of our patients, and we needed it to be much faster than our current processes. ”
The solution

Sogolytics became the platform of choice. “Sogolytics was way ahead of the competition in the top slot with the second contender much further down,” Phillips shared, “Sogolytics left others in the dust. I was impressed by everything!” Its reporting capabilities, varied and advanced question types, and easy customization were critical to AUCH. “It’s a powerful tool as it enables you to do quite a few unique things, especially with logic branching, and we can customize each survey to the clinic’s needs.”

Learning the new software was fast and easy. A friendly account manager and a knowledgeable and responsive tech support team were quick to reply to all questions and willing to schedule conference calls to discuss any issues, sending out periodic helpful videos and tips. Training was readily available for survey development. “Customer and technical support are top-notch,” said Phillips. “They are there to help me use the software in the best ways possible for AUCH and for our customers. Sogolytics is lovely to work with, is thorough, and they go the extra mile to help me. Bravo, everyone! I highly recommend them.”

The result

AUCH’s ePSS has been a glowing success as best practice and a gold standard for Community Health Centers and Primary Care Associations to better assist in patient experience management and improving patient engagement, thanks to the solution’s flexibility and intuitive design to help organizations scale. AUCH recently overhauled 155 surveys to facilitate omnichannel outreach and set up automated distribution to boost response rates among their community members.

This success has enabled AUCH to enjoy increased Community Health Center buy-in to implement ePSS. They added customers, reducing reporting time for other projects, including expansion and support into other states such as Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. “Sogolytics is more than surveys. We can use it to do more across patient touchpoints, understand their needs, and improve community health all in one platform,” Phillips shared.

Benefits achieved through Sogolytics

With better productivity and efficiency, the Data Team has exceeded management’s deadlines with patient surveys and no longer needs to rely on external parties. Developing and distributing their own surveys in a timely way allows the team to revise existing surveys at any time to satisfy the evolving needs of their healthcare customers. Average turnaround time of six weeks have been reduced to just one week with the Sogolytics platform. “The product just keeps improving. New features have resulted in major time savings of approximately 90%,” Phillips added. Multiple reporting options give leadership the reports they need most, Answer Display Logic made a difference in completion time and survey engagement, and more accurate reporting has streamlined processes overall.

Not just a solution, but a partnership

AUCH has a dedicated team behind them—for anything they need. Sogolytics’ usability makes it easier for users to make sense of the data they are looking at and customize their reports. Regular updates, trainings, and new features created with direct feedback from customers make Sogolytics more than a vendor but a partner in AUCH’s success.

“They’re with us every step of the way, and the tech support team has been a dream to work with. It’s been smooth and so user-friendly, there’s no comparison to who we’ve worked with before,” Shelly explained.

I have enjoyed using the software to not only ease my workload but to customize experiences to meet the customer's needs. This is what many health centers wish they had.
About AUCH

For over 30 years, The Association for Utah Community Health (AUCH) has represented Utah's Health Centers and their patients. As the Primary Care Association (PCA) in the state, they provide over 15,000 hours of training and technical assistance to 14 Health Centers as well as affiliate members each year.

In support of members and the people they serve, AUCH helps reduce barriers to healthcare through health promotion, community engagement and development, education, and policy analysis. AUCH is designated by the Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care as the state PCA and receives federal program support to develop and enhance services for members.

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