Identify the gaps,
improve customer experiences

Get insights fast enough to enable action and deep enough to power growth with the CX software that works for you.

Enhance customer experience
when and where it matters most

Stay on top of your CX initiatives. Receive automated alerts and notifications when customer experience metrics dip or specific issues arise. Take immediate action with comprehensive action plans, ensuring timely resolutions and continuous improvement.

Delight your customers by
optimizing their experiences

Go beyond NPS

It’s not always easy to know what customers are thinking. With SogoCX, you can capture the voice of the customer and drill down beyond the basics to better understand their experiences. Sure, Net Promoter Score is great, but it only tells part of the story.

Listen and learn

With SogoCX, you’ll be more in touch with your customers through multiple feedback channels, and that means better insight into your customers’ level of satisfaction, expectations, and feelings about your brand. With better information and powerful voice of the customer analytics tools, you’ll be able to take informed and incisive actions.

Focus on what matters most

Metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) are all important, but only provide a snapshot of customer sentiment. SogoCX puts the power of a true VoC engine in your hands—with a comprehensive view into how your customers feel across the full customer journey.

Be proactive, not reactive

With our voice of customer analytics, you can monitor trends in customer feedback and gain perspective into how your customers perceive your company or products over time. Armed with this kind of information, your VoC program can anticipate problems before they occur.

Understand customers better

How do you know who your customers are and what they want from your business? Listen to what they tell you. SogoCX helps you home in on customer expectations so you can better align your business with market demands—and that means more for your bottom line.

Take swift action

SogoCX helps you monitor customer feedback and respond more quickly to potential issues. A quick response or resolution builds loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

Turn real-time feedback
into instant insights

Your customer just made a purchase – but are they satisfied with their experience? Invite fresh feedback with an automated SMS invitation to a beautifully branded survey. As soon as they respond, find out whether they’re good to go – or if follow-up is required to resolve any issues. Real engagement in real time.

SogoCX: A better CX platform
for a better customer experience


SogoCX enables omnichannel listening across the customer journey to truly hear the voice of the customer at every touchpoint. Get the best results when you connect with customers where and when they prefer.


Measure improvement against benchmarks and turn complex data into easily digestible reports. SogoCX can transform your understanding so you get the full picture clearly.


SogoCX makes it easier to uncover the most meaningful next steps, whether it’s quickly following up with customers to reduce churn or updating your products and processes to better serve your customers and grow loyalty.

Take corrective action
where it matters most

After hearing customer feedback about issues with your payment process, you’ve been wondering if that’s why your CSAT score is going down. Since you’ve included key driver questions in your customer satisfaction survey, you quickly pinpoint the real problem: It’s true that the payment process is a weak spot, but low accessibility ratings are having a bigger impact on satisfaction! Maximize your resources by targeting opportunity areas and you’ll see satisfaction rise.

make more of your data

If the feedback you collect isn’t clear (or fast) enough to act on, it can’t help you improve CX. Sogolytics can.

Learn How

Turn insights into action

Utilize CX automation, deep analytics, and integrated workflows to keep insights incoming, build better action plans, and – what else? – improve customer experience!

Automate follow-up

Thank participants for their feedback and keep the conversation going, reminding them you’re invested in their experience.

Trigger action

Whether it’s a notification to the right account manager or an integrated push to your CRM, turn responses into opportunities.

Deepen understanding

You can’t anticipate everything your customers might say, but you can learn and adjust as you go, like identifying new key drivers from open-ended responses!

How can alerts and action plans improve customer experience?

While collecting customer feedback is important, simply gathering data doesn’t improve CX. Once your data’s analyzed effectively, you’ll uncover insights. Find out faster about low-hanging fruit or stress-induction friction points and you can take quick action to improve. In the longer term, deep analysis into key drivers and customer sentiment can power deeper action plans that inspire customer retention. Winning now or winning later? Both, please.

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Which customer experience metrics are most important to monitor?

While customer experience measures vary by industry, a few are so well known that we consider them to be the standards, and we’ve built them right into our CX software. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) are core indicators for those aiming to enhance customer experience. Still, custom Customer Experience KPIs can offer even more specialized insights into the key CX metrics that matter most in setting a particular company apart. Customer Service quality, for example, is commonly measured on its own or as part of a customer experience index made up of a variety of key measures. Many organizations believe that the only customer experience metrics that really matter are the financial measures, including deal size and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Of course, balancing experience data with operational and other data can provide a more holistic view of an organization’s success.

Is it important to follow up on all customer feedback?

While we’re all familiar with the expression “No news is good news”, in the quest to improve customer experience, all news is good news. Someone’s happy? Great – celebrate! Someone’s unhappy? Great – go solve their problem. There’s definitely a case to be made for acknowledging all feedback – we love a post-survey Thank You page and an emailed Instant Thanks! – but actual human engagement isn’t required every single time someone clicks submit. On the extreme ends of the customer experience index, though, you’ve got customers who clearly have opinions, and it’s very smart to consider how and when to follow up. Think about this: Would reaching out to them improve their relationship with your brand? A very unhappy customer who has received the wrong order will definitely give you an ear full – but if you find out quickly that there’s a problem, you can solve it before they take their complaints to review sites or social media. And what about those who give you high CX scores? Perhaps they are brand ambassadors in the making! Client testimonials and case studies are always valuable assets, so uncovering the opportunities to connect while customers are feeling those good vibes can help you to both improve CX and strengthen your brand’s reputation.

What do key drivers have to do with action planning?

Too often organizations reviewing their customer feedback get hung up on a few key takeaways – whether those data points are meaningful or not. Sadly, rushing off to solve ad hoc problems experienced only by a few customers may not really move the organization’s overall CX score in the right direction. Resources are wasted, including time and money and talent, all without converting the action into better customer experience. Key Driver Analysis, however, helps to inform action planning by uncovering the key elements of a customer’s experience that are most closely correlated to the target customer experience metrics. Finding out that long wait times are having a major impact on the CSAT score in a dental practice, for example, might enable the practice managers to revisit their scheduling processes. When you fix the right problem, customer experience measures improve – including retention!

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