Consulting Experience Management Solution

Impress clients with deep analytics that power customized solutions to make the most profitable decisions.

Analytics that speak volumes

Improve data validity with increased response rates to unveil nuanced insights. Better understand the factors impacting customer satisfaction, identify employee engagement gaps, or conduct market research to provide insights on new products. Sogolytics enables you to deliver value for your clients, regardless of their industry. 

Solutions that win clients

Impress project stakeholders with reports that do the talking, ensuring data-backed solutions that win client buy-in.

Get the answers you need

We help you get more responses with automated reminders to nudge participants, helping you capture statistically significant data that propels insights.

Generate captivating reports

Cut down reporting time by 80% with Sogolytics! Generate reports and capture insights from both structured and unstructured data with our powerful analytics.

Brand your findings

Make your mark with highly customized reports. Templatize color schemes that reflect your brand, add your logo, and make sure you create an impression with every presentation.

Do more in less time with our AI-integrated solution. Let us do the lifting so you can focus on showcasing your expertise.
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Break down your feedback and read between the lines with powerful analytics that deliver real results and insights.
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Impress your audience and win stakeholder buy-in with professionally conducted projects and actionable results.
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Meet the AI-integrated solution that transforms your work, from questions to answers. 

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“Always helps us do more”

“Your clients are everything to a consultancy, and we needed a powerful solution that would allow us to give our customers the results they wanted. Sogolytics always helps us do more.”


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“Second to none” 

“Putting people first is a sign of a great company, but an even better partner. Sogolytics lets me take better care of my clients and keep their experiences second to none, and that’s what I’m all about – customer retention.”


The Center for Client Retentio

“Building trust” 

“The tools in Sogolytics can do anything we need them to yet remain simple and easy to use. The ability to maintain anonymity gives our clients confidence to trust us with sensitive information.”


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Guaranteed security, integrated for ease

Stay assured with Sogolytics as we deliver a solution that does more.


Security is essential. With GDPR and ISO-27001 certification, we go above and beyond to safeguard client data, so what’s yours remains yours alone.

Powerful Analytics

We offer powerful analytics enhanced by the latest technological advancements to ensure you capture the insights you need with ease.

Dynamic Reports 

Presentation is everything. That’s why we help you translate your insights into exciting reports that impress. 


Streamline workflows by connecting your top tools to bring together the data in real time and keep things moving.

See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach to experience management with additional Sogolytics credit union software solutions. 

Sogolytics is designed to be your one-stop solution to deliver a superior experience for everyone. Our integrated ecosystem allows you to see the complete picture while also being able to home in on different factors. 

Gather and decode feedback easily with SogoCore, better understand and recommend solutions for employee pain-points with SogoEX, capture customer insights to provide recommendations that transform experiences with SogoCX, and close the loop on feedback with SogoConnect.

We understand that nothing happens in isolation, that’s why we are dedicated to creating solutions that give you the answers you need, easily.

The Right Time for the Right Questions: How to Boost Survey Response Rates
Explore our top survey templates

For the most effective analytics to propel strategies and improve work culture, you need to first ask the right questions.

That’s why we’ve got professionally designed survey templates to help you get started. Simply tailor them to your organization, add or remove questions depending on what pertains to your audience, and you’re good to go!

Branch Service Survey
Branch Service Survey
Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey
Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey
Net Promoter Score Survey
Net Promoter Score Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Why is consulting survey and experience management important?

Consulting is a rapidly growing field that is often lacking in work-life balance owing to the demands of the profession. With consulting experience management, you can automate several tasks, reduce the workload to help your team take on more projects, and truly leverage the benefits of technology today.

How can Sogolytics help with consulting experience management?

Sogolytics is one of the leading experience management solution for consultants, with the ability to not only increase response rates, helping you gather better data and feedback, but also deep-dive into the responses that come in with powerful analytics. By doing so, you can better slice and dice the data to identify correlations, spot trends and patterns over time, and identify the best next steps to recommend for your clients.
Our versatile platform also comes equipped with numerous survey templates across industries, helping you gather insights as unique as your clients.

Are Sogolytics reports customizable based on my needs?

Yes, Sogolytics reports are highly customizable. You can brand each report with your company logo as well as customize the look and feel of your report by switching up colors to meet your expectations.
But that’s not all. While we offer a variety of graphs to best represent the data you’ve gathered and ensure its communicated in the easiest possible way, you can change the graphs, rearrange the flow, and more to ensure it meets your vision.
If you need more help, you can also connect with our industry-leading support team to better unlock the Sogolytics difference.

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