Take a deep dive
into your data

SogoCX helps you make sense of the information at your fingertips and uncover actionable insights in your customer experience data.

Maximize impact by
acting on the right priorities

Transforming data into understanding, SogoCX helps you identify customer experience priorities—and drive decisions that will have the biggest impact.

Optimize customer

Accelerate analysis
Customer segmentation and filtering
Sentiment and text analytics
Customer profiling
Statistical analysis
Share insights
Data visualizations
Role-based dashboards
CX report creation and management
CX report distribution
Prioritize actions
Trend analysis
Key Driver Analysis
Customer churn prediction

What can SogoCX do for you?

This easy-to-use yet powerful platform provides the tools you need to power business growth and develop keen insights into what your customers are thinking and feeling.

Discover what matters most

Key Driver Analysis reporting shows you where to take action. You’ll clearly understand the drivers and relationships revealed by your customers’ attitudes, needs, and behaviours.

Deliver the right information to the right people

SogoCX’s role-based dashboards reinforce secure, centralized control while also giving everyone across your organization the data they need.

Understand the Customer Journey

With SogoCX, you can view create and view your entire customer journey to utilize unified customer experience data, identify experience gaps, and monitor for potential churn signals.

Understand your market more deeply

Personalize your customer experience programs by setting simple or complex conditions for drill-downs and targeting key segments for additional insights.

Analyze sentiments

With automatic sentiment and text analytics, SogoCX helps you to make changes based on what your customers are really saying.

Improve marketing and product design

With aggregated operational and experience data, develop market intelligence by building a profile on what customers are interested in, their contact preferences, and their buying signals.

Get a handle on what your data really means

Customizable display options help you easily visualize everything from channel performance to key metrics like NPS, CES, CSAT, or customized CX metrics.

Share vitally important data across your organization

Quickly generate and send dynamic report links to enable real-time monitoring – and empower immediate action.

Promote efficiency so you can act quickly

One-click reports and saved customizations minimize effort while delivering easy-to-understand dashboards and automated analysis.


SogoCX shifts your company’s customer feedback efforts into high gear, with powerful insightful analytics that help you put customers first.

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