Features and functionality

SogoConnect features a suite of functions to help you gain valuable insight into what your customers are thinking—and take action to nurture the customer experience at every step.

Manage customer relationships
from a single interface

With a dynamic set of ticketing tools, SogoConnect allows you to set priorities, increase accountability, and build better relationships through responsive communications—no matter the point in the customer lifecycle.

Keep tabs on customer sentiment with powerful SogoConnect features

Auto-Generated Feedback forms

Automatic forms save time, increase efficiency, and help to keep the dialogue open between you and your customer with ease.

Templates and Bulk Actions

With response templates and bulk action capabilities at your fingertips, you can respond swiftly to customer needs and concerns to close the loop.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Get instant feedback on your customer support after a ticket is closed and know how well you’re doing.

Customer Sentiment

View positive or negative CX scores and track them against benchmarks to influence business decisions.

Customized Feedback Center

Provide a clear portal for customers to provide feedback wherever they are—embed it into your website or apply as a separate landing page.


Quickly and easily set up outreach campaigns to solicit feedback from your customers—then track responses and analyze the data once it comes in.

Anonymous Feedback

Gain a more complete picture of customer sentiment through anonymous feedback.

Intuitive Dashboards

Find the status of dialogues and your team’s outreach efforts at a glance—and determine where strengths and weaknesses are.


Collect customer experience data at the right time, via your customers’ preferred channel—through email, mobile chat, web forms, SMS, and more.

Categorize Your Conversations

Every ticket in SogoConnect is assigned a category, based upon your industry. You can instantly see the status of every conversation—whether additional follow-up is needed or if an issue has been satisfactorily resolved.

Enable Critical Alerts

Elevate any conversation or subject to “Critical” through system or user-generated tagging and make it a priority for your team. This mean more efficiency when closing the loop.

Promote Efficiency

All of your customer properties such as Customer Information, Action Buttons, Timeline, and Categories are on the ticket—no more switching between different systems to find the information you need.

Built in collaboration

from the start.

SogoConnect communication tools encourage collaboration across your enterprise.

Direct tickets, alerts, and internal communications based on individual or team responsibility is clearly integrated.

Automated communications and tasks keep everyone up to date about the status of tickets and what steps need to be taken next.

Flexible routing and inclusion options allow you to loop in another team within your organization, reassign the ticket, or add users as need.

Make notes about tickets so that others can see details about follow-up and conversations that occurred outside the system.


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