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SogoX Business Leadership Forum is a place for collaborative leaders across marketing, operations, customer success, and employee engagement to share and advance their strategic thinking, explore new approaches, and gain the insights they need to make faster, smarter decisions and position themselves for growth amid economic uncertainty.

From Lightning Talks to Roundtables to Webinars – we invite you to learn and engage through a variety of formats so you can achieve your goals with confidence.

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Brand and reputation management

Great product but not enough online reviews? Marketing campaigns returning low engagement? Glassdoor profile not shining? Employees unclear on the brand vision? Branding is a big deal, both internally and externally, and business success in 2023 requires a strong and consistent strategy to transform your most critical marketing priorities into tangible results.

Customer experience and loyalty

Dealing with ever-shifting customer expectations when it comes to products, services, and even marketing and support channels? Watch out for opportunities to connect with colleagues in the customer experience space to broaden your perspectives and uncover ways to maximize customer engagement – and maybe even delight.

Employee experience and engagement

Organizations focused on employee engagement can reduce turnover and motivate employees to do their best work, all while achieving stronger employer brand, higher customer trust, and better financial results. Join other people leaders to navigate the fast-changing talent landscape and adapt your EX strategy to prepare for the future of work.

Surveys and feedback collection best practices

Thriving in today’s market conditions requires active listening, transparency, and data-driven decisions and prioritization. Join organizations around the world to learn and share best practices of collecting and analyzing customer and employee feedback to power better business decisions.


Lead the conversation

This year, economic uncertainty is forcing businesses to pivot to build momentum and provide high-quality customer and employee experiences. If you have a success story, use case study, or point of view to share and are passionate about helping people-centric businesses thrive amidst a murky economic outlook, let’s connect! Speaking at SogoX is an opportunity to augment your position as a change driver and a thought leader, to connect with like-minded peers, and to strengthen your organization’s presence in the professional landscape.

We invite experienced leaders and industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise and lead timely conversations as we work together to explore emerging trends and challenges, exchange viewpoints, and get to the core of smart business decisions that drive success.

This is already a year of economic challenges – but also a year of opportunities to improve customer experience and employee experiences, enabling motivated and strategic organizations and individuals to emerge stronger than ever before.

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