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Build a stronger school community and promote student success with Sogolytics

Are you engaging with your school community?

Take a deep dive into student engagement, teacher satisfaction, school safety data, and stakeholder feedback to
uncover insights that help you set the right priorities.

Connections that

nurture communities

Understand factors impeding student success, and win the trust of parents and the community to drive momentum for school initiatives by connecting, easily.

Multilingual capabilities Connect with your diverse community using surveys in any of 37 languages, ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

Confidentiality and anonymity
Create a safe space with anonymous school climate surveys and get more candid feedback to power the next step.

Omnichannel distribution
Reach people on the go via the platform of their choice with multiple distribution channels for your surveys.

Affordable and flexible
Get all the features you need at a price that makes sense for your school.

How engaged are your students?


of students are either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” with their school according to research done by Gallup.

With Sogolytics, learn why your students are disengaged, what’s holding them back, and what steps you need to take to help them flourish.

Focus on what matters the most

Sogolytics helps you break down the factors affecting student success—from faculty involvement to school safety.

Develop a positive culture and keep enrollment up
Measure student satisfaction and school climate
Understand learning styles
Collect course and instructor feedback
Strengthen student engagement and assess your school climate

With Sogolytics, you can capture students’ feedback about their education and environment, including exit surveys with graduating seniors to learn how to improve or enhance future school programs and more. Understand how social connections between students and teachers are affecting the way students feel about their school experience.

Gain insight into school safety and reduce bullying

Sogolytics helps you get a handle on how effective your school safety programs are—and where gaps may exist.

Get accurate insights

Learn how students perceive their physical and psychological safety at school, and if they have the support they need.

Ensure anonymity

Win student trust and get candid insights about any incidents with anonymous surveys and forms to make informed decisions.

Monitor response trends

Track patterns in bullying and security incidents at your school to help develop safety programs and head off problems before they get worse.

Customize follow-up

Promptly follow up with students following feedback and complaints with tailored automated messages.

Collect input from families and the community

Sogolytics helps you learn whether parents and guardians are satisfied with their children’s experience at school, as well as connect with the larger school community.

More data makes for accurate analytics. So, increase response rates with surveys optimized for all screens, making them a breeze for all participants.
Use parent/guardian feedback to develop a more supportive and stimulating learning environment that helps all students reach their potential.
Use school surveys to educate stakeholders on the costs/benefits of new initiatives or bond measures, like building a new school, or integrating new technology.
Better understand your school
environment with advanced analytics

Analyze all of your student, faculty, and constituent engagement data and display actionable results

Create Versatile Reports

View dynamic reports or add your parameters and generate out-of-the-box reports with just a few clicks.

Understand Benchmarks

Compare data by school or district average, or any other custom field.

Get a Holistic Overview

See a 360-degree view of the student experience, along with strengths and weaknesses of school programs, initiatives, and curriculum.

Monitor Responses

Track responses as they come in, automate follow-up, and download presentation-ready reports that groups can easily review and digest, then decide on next steps.

Dive into the Details

Tie student IDs and SIS data to responses to review data by segments like grade level, gender, ethnicity, or race.

Transform the faculty and employee experience
Track trends in faculty and staff satisfaction through easy-to-use reports to help you reduce employee turnover, increase engagement, and create a positive learning atmosphere.
Learn the Mood

Increase engagement

Conduct performance evaluations, and distribute semi-annual satisfaction surveys—as well as frequent pulse checks—to head off potential faculty and employee engagement problems.
Identify Experience Gaps

Boost development

Assess knowledge of teachers and staff, identify learning gaps, and help them develop their skills so they can grow and excel—including professional development needs assessments, teacher mentoring surveys, and more.
Promote Inclusiveness

Encourage Collaboration

Understand the current culture with regular surveys to nurture the one you envision with effective diversity initiatives, innovative programs, and much more fueled by feedback.

Deepen engagement with
your school community

Establish a continuous, two-way conversation with families, teachers, community members, and students.

Strengthen student, faculty, and community support through personalized responses. Provide stakeholders with multiple channels for feedback by embedding forms in your website, through email, and more—and automatically direct messages to the right person for immediate follow-up. And finally, set up rules and alerts to notify counselors and other school staff when bullying or other serious incidents are reported

Don’t just take our word for it

Sogolytics helps some of the best school systems connect with students, families, educators, and communities.
Here are their stories.

Nurture a vibrant and engaging school community with Sogolytics!

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