Increase response rates
with smart survey distribution

Push your boundaries! Increase reach, improve response rates, and get the data you need easily with SogoSurvey. Our numerous survey distribution methods help you reach participants on the channel of their choice.

Get real results
with powerful survey distribution

Get your participants talking by connecting with them on the platforms they prefer best. Distribute your survey on social media, add a survey link to your website, or share it via SMS, email, and even QR codes. Love efficiency? Automate your distribution process so your survey keeps working – even when you’re not!

By connecting with participants in the right place at the right time, you’ll increase engagement rates and capture quality data, revealing insights that tell the complete story.

Make your first impression count

Capture attention by engaging your target audience with beautiful invitations delivered at just the right moment.

Customize invitations

Tailor your invitation to your participants interests. With messaging that resonates, respondents are more likely to participate, thereby increasing survey response rates!

Employee personalization

Nurture a deeper connection with participants by personalizing the invites based on the data at hand and see the difference.

Track participation

See participation updates in real time, nudge non-participants with automatic reminders, and observe response trends evolve with SogoSurvey.

Increase audience reach
and maximize response rates, easily

Our platform is as intuitive as it is powerful. With numerous online survey distribution features, you'll capture participant attention from the start and keep them engaged.

Increase Participant Reach

Reach your participants wherever they are with our extensive distribution modules. Publish on social media, use QR codes, share surveys via email, and more.

Embedded Survey

Help your participants reach you easily be embedding surveys in your website or blog. You can even create pop-ups to nudge feedback!

Customize Invitations

Engage participants’ interest from the get-go with customizable email templates. Change the messaging and personalize invitations to get started.

Test Invites

Identify concerns early on with test invitations. Share these with your colleagues, or even just with yourself to see how participants will view your invitations – and make modifications if need be.

Automate Reminders

Gain higher response rates by nudging non-participants with scheduled reminders. Set it up beforehand and let the reminders do their magic.

Distribution Dashboard

Keep an eye on everything! Our distribution dashboard tells you more than just who completed your survey. It also shares insights about who read the email, partially participated, and more.

Email Bounce Report

See how many surveys invitations and reminders got delivered and optimize your contact list to ensure you reach the right participants time and again.

Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing

Give each participant a unique key to ensure only a single response per participant, and prevent ballot box stuffing to increase the accuracy of your data.

Contact Manager

Create and store contact lists for future use. Sogolytics also helps you improve your lists by automatically grading the quality based on delivery rates.

Let’s get started!

With Sogolytics, getting started is easy. We provide transparent monthly and annual pricing plans to help meet your needs. Explore our list of features, sign up online, and launch your campaign. If you prefer, try us for free. Seriously.

Pick a Plan

Launch Your Survey

Don’t just stop at powerful distribution. Sogolytics offers interactive features, powerful analytics, and versatile reporting to help you make the most of your feedback!

How can I increase survey responses?

Reach your participants where they are. By understanding which platforms your target audience frequents based on past data, participant persona, and more, you need to employ the distribution channels your participants are on. But that’s not all. Personalize survey invitations, so you aren’t just present on the right channels but also capture participant attention. This will improve your initial click-through rate (CTR). Once participants access your survey, you need to ensure that the survey questions are engaging and the survey design is pleasing enough to keep them invested until the finish line.

Which social media channels can I distribute my survey on?

You can distribute your survey across all social media channels. Our online survey platform can generate links which you can then embed in a post and share on your participants’ preferred social media channels or chat platforms, making it easy for participants to engage.

Is Sogolytics ideal for a research project?

Yes, absolutely. Sogolytics solutions are designed with a wide range of features and options, making it ideal for individuals and businesses alike. Explore the various packages we offer along with the extensive list of features to see which one is right for you. If you're still not sure, you can always start with a free trial – no credit card required – and see for yourself!

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