Increasing member engagement and demonstrating program success

Increased member and care partner engagement to over 95%
Expanded reach to gain feedback and make improvements in other programs
Established global leadership, presenting results and improvements at the World Parkinson’s Congress
Implementing Sogolytics greatly increased member engagement as well as our ability to do reporting and demonstrate program success.
Eileen O’Reilly
Chief Operating Officer, PD SELF
US, Global
Use Case
Patient Engagement

The Story

The challenge

PD SELF is dedicated to assisting newly diagnosed patients with Parkinson’s to have the tools for a better quality of life

As the program expanded from being just a small clinical trial to serving 17 communities across the United States and beyond, it became clear that PD SELF needed a multi-faceted yet cost-effective listening and assessment platform that could meet their unique needs to engage participants, increase response rates, and analyze data to evaluate program outcomes and inform future enhancements.

We needed a solution that could not only improve our member experience but was also powerful enough to help us properly assess participants and report our results –and Sogolytics gave us that and more. ”
The solution

Sogo provided PD SELF with an intuitive experience management platform, personalized support, and expert advice on increasing survey and assessment efficiency, boosting their member engagement and response rates. “The Sogo team is fantastic (and I don’t say that lightly),” says Eileen O’Reilly, Chief Operating Officer at PD SELF. “I could ask questions, learn, and gain confidence in my surveys - they took the time to understand our unique use of the platform, review our projects question by question, and provide written recommendations. We were able to improve the design and distribution tactics of our survey and assessments and achieved excellent results by doing so.”

Leveraging automation features such as rules and alerts, tracked participation, and automatic reminders, PD SELF continues to efficiently engage program participants, even as their reach increases nationally and internationally.

It is extremely important that the PD SELF program is able to show statistically their impact on patients’ quality of life, including specific outcomes such as reduced emotional distress or reduced number of doctors’ visits.

Eileen has said that using Sogo has greatly increased her ability to conduct surveys efficiently, manage reporting, and make data-driven conclusions. “I am a data geek,” she explained. “I get frustrated when things aren’t intuitive, but the Sogo platform is definitely as intuitive as it could get.”

The result

By continuously improving survey design and efficiently using automated reminders and incentives, PD SELF has seen extremely high engagement and response rates. Post-program survey rates range from 68% to 74% from patients and care partners respectively, while initial survey participation is consistently well over 95% for all members.

Effective program impact demonstration. Sogo helps PD SELF accomplish their mission by effectively capturing feedback signals from the program participants, analyzing data, prioritizing curriculum improvements, and demonstrating outcomes to funders and donors.

The results have been shared at the World Parkinson’s Congress (among other forums), and include outcomes such as: 13.5% improvement in bouncing back from disappointment of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, 12.7% improvement in controlling symptoms so that they don’t interfere with activities, and 23.9% improvement in ability to handle the emotions of being a care partner.

Expanded product applications.
As the PD SELF program continues to expand its reach, Eileen foresees using Sogo to better understand, engage, and gain feedback and insights from program alumni, volunteers, and staff members.

I would highly recommend Sogo because it’s cost-effective, exceptionally supported, intuitive, and has excellent reporting features. For us, the solution has helped to greatly increase member engagement and demonstrate program success.

Initially founded in 2013, PD SELF is a non-profit organization that runs the Parkinson’s Self-Efficacy Learning Forum - a national program for patients recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The program is focused on equipping patients and their care partners with the tools and principles needed to adopt healthcare behaviors that positively influence effective disease management and quality of life.

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