Effective in theory-

and practice

No matter your use case, bringing all the feedback together just makes life easier.

Bring all your
conversations together

For all the groups you connect with and the feedback you collect, SogoConnect provides a secure, advanced solution to keep it all together and streamline communication. It’s the complete package that goes above and beyond any ticketing tool you’ve met before.

Listen, learn, and follow up better
with all your stakeholders

Hear from your customers

Welcome customer feedback anytime, anywhere. Make it easy for customers to connect through your website, through email campaigns, or elsewhere. Route messages to key members of your team to ensure a timely, informed response. Once you’ve closed the loop, follow up to ask customers to rate their satisfaction.

Hear from your employees

Empower employees to share their questions, suggestions, concerns – and even compliments! Embed SogoConnect within your existing communication structures, encouraging candid – even anonymous – feedback. Learn from those who know your organization best, act, and inspire employee engagement and growth.

Hear from your community

Engage your community and cultivate connections. From local events and service projects to professional development and industry initiatives, grow your audience – and learn from them! Make sure your community members know when and how their voices can be heard. From news items to website links, be open to opportunities!

SogoConnect use cases show
how it closes the loop across industries

This easy-to-use yet powerful platform provides the tools you need to power business growth and develop keen insights into what your customers are thinking and feeling.

Bank on quality feedback

Financial institutions rely on seamless interactions and positive relationships. Check in with customers at key touchpoints to understand their experience and remove any obstacles. Listen to your employees for insightful suggestions for improvement.

Get educated on how your school is doing

Everyone has suggestions, and now it’s easy to collect feedback from students, staff, and parents all in the same place. The flexibility of SogoConnect makes it easy to present meaningful options to all participants – and to direct feedback to the right places.

Make feedback your business

Build your brand with polished professionalism. Rather than ad hoc communication, get systematic with a customized, comprehensive approach to collecting feedback – and by using the insights gained to powerful smart decisions and next steps.

Diagnose patient and staff needs

Actively encourage feedback from those involved at every stage of the healthcare journey. Monitor the well-being of your patients and your staff to uncover insights on how to improve your quality of care and to support your financial health, too.

See what’s new in the neighborhood

Your community has needs – and plenty of ideas for improvement! Make the most of community feedback by stepping up that good old suggestion box. Whether you’re working with an HOA, nonprofit, or other community group, listening inspires action – and growth!

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