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From feedback collection to reporting, our AI-driven platform can do it all so your team can focus on what really matters: delivering better results for more clients.

More projects, better results

Unlock the AI advantage and do more for more clients with Sogolytics!

work weeks are common for the average consultant trying to meet their work goals.!1
of management consulting tasks will be automated, so leveraging technology is essential for a competitive advantage.2
profit increase was evidenced by 700 companies that invested in competitive intelligence analytics.3


Simply give the prompt and see your survey created in real-time with our AI-led solution. With Sogolytics, stay a step ahead. 

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Impress your clients

Looking to boost productivity? Free up your team to focus on the more pressing tasks while Sogolytics takes care of the analytics, all in just a few clicks! 

View Everything at a Glance 

Our comprehensive dashboard allows you to capture key project insights - all at a glance. 

Share Dynamic Reports

Get your team on the same page with shareable dynamic reports that everyone can access, even without a Sogolytics account.

Employ Natural Language Processing

Break down open-text feedback to better understand what your audience is saying with powerful NLP analytics.

Spot Correlations

Segmentation helps you better spot patterns and see correlations across your reports, unveiling insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Identify Key Drivers

Understand which factors have an impact on your custom metrics - and which don’t - to recommend meaningful changes.

Utilize Integrations

Create workflows and implement processes. Equipped with numerous integrations, Sogolytics fits right into your digital ecosystem.


From a team of one to a full firm, consulting growth requires the right partners. Let’s connect.
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Developing Potential + Sogolytics

Developing Potential, a leadership consultancy, wanted to find a platform that made it easy for their clients to share insights and feedback. They needed the platform to be intuitive, customizable, and offer excellent reporting capabilities. Sogolytics offered all of this and much more.

With the efficiency and effectiveness of Sogolytics, Developing Potential has increased their volume of production, empowering them to scale significantly and offer their services to numerous organization across the UK!

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The first step to getting the answers you need is to ask the right questions. Our extensive bank of survey templates can help you get started with research for clients across all industries.

Select the template you need, add or modify questions, and share it with the right audience to get started.

Strategic Planning Survey Template
Strategic Planning Survey Template
Manager Effectiveness Survey Template
Manager Effectiveness Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Brand Awareness Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
Product Feedback Survey Template
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with the complete Sogolytics product suite.

Find solutions that meet the unique needs of your clients with insights that reveal the right answers. SogoCX has your back.

We help you gather, analyze, and present feedback to impress stakeholders and win loyalty.

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