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Gathering feedback to fuel expanded capabilities and growth

Scaled offerings for clients within one platform
Increased productivity which led to improved lead generation
Easily managed their book of clients with personalization within solution
Sogolytics is so easy to use it’s surprising, and it’s much more than a professional survey tool compared to the others we were considering. It’s a feedback management solution that breathes life into our data.
Mark Solomons
Managing Partner, Developing Potential
England, UK
Use Case
Online Survey Tool

The Story

The challenge

Developing Potential was looking for a way to realize their true potential

Developing Potential was seeking to grow its business by offering innovative survey solutions that would not break the bank. Most of their existing programs involved conducting written surveys on-site during the facilitation process. To expand their capacity and improve their efficiency, a change was necessary.

Knowing the importance of tackling these improvements with a comprehensive approach, the team applied exhaustive due diligence in evaluating ten different potential survey tools. Their highest priorities were to find a survey option that offered simple navigation, easy customization, and in-depth reporting capabilities. But cost efficiency, ease of use, and scalability were some key features they wanted their solution to have, if possible, to do more than manage surveys. Their clients would need their information to be secure and personalization would allow Developing Potential to improve their customer satisfaction and experiences as well.

Finding a solution that could meet all their needs was not an easy task but finding Sogolytics proved fortuitous.

We wanted to grow our business, but we wanted to make sure we could do it seamlessly at a good cost. ”
The solution

In the end, Sogolytics was the one tool that met all the team’s requirements and offered the strongest price-to-value consideration. Developing Potential now had a professional-grade survey tool to integrate into their strategy to increase engagement in their key markets. Their new surveys have given them a unique approach in the market and a competitive edge that is a primary component of their future growth strategy.

But more than that, they now had a feedback management solution that had greater capabilities for Developing Potential to share with their clients. Features like customized survey design, advanced question types to gain a better understanding of client needs, and omnichannel distribution methods to get personalized interactions gave Developing Potential more opportunities. Opportunities to create stronger relationships, increase revenue, lower customer churn, and drive customer experience excellence.

The result

In many of the organizations they work with across the UK, Developing Potential sees survey populations under 100. With Sogolytics’ competitive pricing, they are now able to scale their services and offer these smaller organizations the same survey capabilities enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.

As managing partner Mark Solomons shares, “The best part about Sogolytics is the way everything works seamlessly together.” With the efficiency and effectiveness driven by Sogolytics’ intuitive navigation and customized options, Developing Potential has increased their volume of production, allowing them to engage with more prospects and ultimately gain more new clients.

In-depth analysis was just one of the elements that drove Developing Potential to start using Sogolytics, and the results are in. With their new enhanced capabilities, Developing Potential is now well-equipped to deliver valuable action plans to their clients. The ability to generate personalized URL’s and implement other enhanced security measures also assured their clients that consultants were applying professional-grade tools to create the highest quality results possible.

Your clients are everything to a consultancy, and we needed a powerful solution that would allow us to give our customers the results they wanted. Sogolytics always helps us do more.
About Developing Potential

Developing Potential (UK) is a learning & development consultancy that designs and delivers personal and professional development programs. They work to support high-performance individuals, teams, and organizations by developing outstanding leadership and coaching capabilities and sharing experience, knowledge, and skills gained from working with high achievers in business, education, and sports.

Specialists in the delivery of MBTI® team building workshops and other personality profiling tools, Developing Potential designs and delivers enjoyable, memorable, and practical team and leadership development workshops and programs.

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