Streamlining assessments to reduce cost and errors

Scalable solution that brought surveys, analytics, and reports together in one place.
Customized assessments for clients and improved personalization.
Real-time results enabled more efficient issue resolution and action plans.
We needed to be modern and were looking for a solution to help us digitize our assessments to streamline our clients’ assessments to reduce time, cost, and errors.
René Meade
Director of Global Learning &
Development, Innovara, Inc.
Use Case
Client Assessments

The Story

The challenge

It was time for Innovara, Inc to modernize, but they needed help getting there

Innovara delivers highly customized, results-oriented business and management training, assessments, and competency models with a specialty in the healthcare industry. They administer assessments that enable clients to benchmark their capabilities and development needs against industry standards and expectations. Some of their training programs also include competency-based assessments. Traditionally, Innovara delivered these assessments in a paper-based format and the management was complex at best and cumbersome at worst.

“The process to manage our paper assessments was a full-time job that included sending the assessments to multiple global offices, following the paper trail, collecting completed assessments, distributing them to assessors for scoring, and disseminating results back to the client on time and without error,” said René Meade, Director of Global Learning & Development at Innovara, Inc.

What we were doing was nearly impossible, trying to make sense of the data from our client assessments and following a paper trail. It wasn’t sustainable. ”
The solution

Looking to revamp Innovara’s assessment process, Mr. Meade and another colleague proposed moving their assessments online. An opportunity presented itself when one of their customers insisted that their survey be digital. Meade embarked on a trial of several online survey tools to find one that would fit the unique needs of their business. Specifically, he knew they required a tool that would allow for in-depth questions with multi-part answers. “Our assessments can take up to several hours to complete. Sogolytics offered the advanced question types that we needed,” explained Meade. “Sogolytics checked every box – especially their hands-on approach to customer support. At the end of the trial, it wasn’t even a contest – we signed up on the spot,” he added.

Since adopting Sogolytics and moving their assessments online, Innovara has observed a significant savings in time and resources spent on the assessment process. “The reports are so easy to download and are available in seconds,” said Meade. Specifically, he noted, “It’s important that we have access to individual results as well as comparison reports – and we get this from Sogolytics.” In addition, the risk of human error at the numerous stages of the earlier process has been dramatically reduced or even completely eliminated.

The result

Innovara works with some of the biggest pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations in the largest markets around the world. They selected Sogolytics after an exhaustive review and trial of several online survey tools because they knew the platform could handle the scope of their projects. Across multiple time zones, numerous offices, and large scale projects, Sogolytics consistently performs exactly as they expect it to.

To customize each assessment for their respective clients, Innovara leverages the branding controls offered by the platform. Logos, colors, font, and overall look and feel are matched to ensure each client and participant that they’re receiving exactly the right content.

This type of personalization is important in building professional relationships and even contributes to raising response rates.

The move to make assessments digital also benefits the relationships Innovara employees have with their clients. Being able to see instant results and share real-time updates with clients allows the team to offer suggestions on how to improve response rates and to prepare for appropriate follow-up. Plus, showing they’re on top of the results demonstrates Innovara’s professionalism and commitment to their clients.

The reports are so easy to download and are available in seconds. This is what real-time results and powerful analytics is really about—making it seamless for us to use it and deliver.
About Innovara, Inc.

Innovara, Inc. is a global business and management development company focused on sales, marketing, medical affairs, and management performance. They are known worldwide for highly customized training, medical thought leadership, and business development and strategy services for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other life science industries.

Innovara’s ultimate goal is to help industry, providers, payers, policy makers, and advocacy leaders to improve the healthcare of people. The Innovara team is recognized for the excellence of their work and dedication to delivering quality, tangible results with the highest level of integrity. Having worked with some of the world’s leading healthcare companies, they’ve gained extensive experience in a wide range of healthcare-related fields.

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