Ulysses Learning + SOGOLYTICS

Focusing on engaging clients to enhance learning experience

Shortened assessment deployment time to hours instead of days, saving resources.
Real-time analytics enabled action on the fly with maximized ROI.
Improved learning experiences from expanded platform use based on feedback.
Sogolytics is amazing because it gave us more than we asked for but presented it in a way we knew we couldn’t do without it. Its intuitive design and analytics help you really see what data can do.
Jeannie Rose
Project Manager
Ulysses Learning
and Development
Use Case

The Story

The challenge

Enhancing learning experience had to come to the forefront for Ulysses Learning

The project managers and consultants at Ulysses Learning needed to measure the performance of their agents with clients. They also needed to track and verify outcomes to ensure their implementations were effective.

Ulysses Learning was using a simple survey form to gather data. They identified the need for a more advanced survey tool that could provide a detailed assessment of how agents and coaches were performing. Once the decision was made to expand this functionality, they evaluated Sogo and quickly recognized the opportunities in Sogo’s robust offering.

Learning and research is at the core of what we do, and we had to have a solution that was just as dedicated with providing solutions to our problems. ”
The solution

Sogolytics provided advanced and easily customizable survey features that enabled Ulysses Learning to quickly turn a client requirement into an engaging survey that could be deployed in hours, not days. Reducing their survey design time meant Ulysses Learning could redirect their efforts to other areas that would have a greater benefit to their clients.

Ulysses Learning quickly found additional value in Sogolytics beyond their intended use, uncovering new opportunities to collaborate effectively with their clients. They were able to develop a Prospect Survey that opened new doors and set a baseline for their entire relationship with clients.

Not only were they able to gain new business, Ulysses Learning was also able to expand their engagement with existing clients and grow the relationships. The ability to easily customize, distribute, and analyze surveys using Sogolytics has enhanced the ongoing value Ulysses Learning delivers to their clients.

The result

Ulysses Learning’s client environments demand that they be able to take action immediately. The intuitive design features of the Sogolytics platform enabled their project managers to turn a client requirement into a survey that could be deployed in hours, not days.

The way a question is asked and the sequence of those questions is of paramount importance when it comes to crafting an effective survey. Sogolytics’ advanced branching feature allowed Ulysses Learning to efficiently map out the proper progression of questions.

Being in the customer service business required Ulysses Learning to be able to drill down into the different layers and groups of their clients’ organization. Sogolytics’ industry-leading Reports and Analytics module gave Ulysses Learning’s consultants the power and flexibility to complete every request.

Sogolytics’ platform enables us to get granular data for our analysis and then act on it with confidence because we can trust our analytics and we know our data is accurate.
About Ulysses Learning

In 1995, Ulysses Learning was founded by Dimitris Lyras, a Greek shipping executive who was interested in developing more effective ways for people to learn using online role-playing simulations. He then decided that the contact center industry was the perfect place to apply these enhanced learning methodologies. To perfect the process and customize it for the contact center industry, he teamed with artificial intelligence guru, Roger Schank, who is the thought leader in goal-based scenarios and role-playing simulations.

Today, Ulysses Learning helps global organizations improve customer service, sales, and coaching results at all points of customer contact. Research-based training methodologies and real-world best practices support growth and development for leaders worldwide.

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