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When participants know that their feedback is completely anonymous, they are more likely to provide candid and complete answers you can learn from and act on.
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Anonymous surveys don’t have to be simple! The right question types, advanced logic, and plenty of engaging options help boost participation.
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Guaranteed anonymity

When you create anonymous surveys with Sogolytics, participants get the picture right away.
  • Each page includes a footer icon highlighting the survey's anonymity
  • A pop-up explains that the survey admin will not be able to connect the participant’s answers with their email or IP address
  • The Sogolytics anonymity guarantee showcases our commitment to protecting participant privacy

More reliable results

Although participants may feel nervous about providing truly candid feedback, anonymous online surveys offer a safe solution.
  • Because the Sogolytics system knows which participants haven’t responded (although the survey admin doesn’t!), intelligent reminders can still be sent for anonymous surveys
  • Response rates benefit from survey anonymity, with some admins seeing up to 3x the responses
  • Collecting more responses multiples your reporting power, too, with deeper insights and analysis

Flexibility across a range of use cases

Anonymous feedback forms and surveys can be useful across a wide range of use cases, and Sogolytics delivers across channels.
  • Anonymous employee surveys, including employee engagement, manager evaluations, and 360 feedback
  • Post-training course feedback
  • Compliance and safety checks and reporting
  • Always-on concern reporting tools
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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Sogolytics’ anonymous surveys truly anonymous?


Yep! We take pride in the integrity of our online anonymous survey tool and guarantee that responses to our anonymous surveys are exactly that – anonymous.


Can I use Sogolytics for anonymous employee surveys?


Absolutely! Conducting an anonymous survey for employees is a great way to collect candid feedback, especially when participants may feel reluctant to provide critical feedback in face-to-face conversations. As one of the most flexible anonymous employee feedback tools on the market, Sogolytics makes it easy to run a range of survey projects. Anonymous employee engagement surveys are especially popular, as are anonymous 360 degree feedback surveys.


Can I put an anonymous feedback form on my website to collect customer insights?


Definitely! The versatility of our anonymous feedback survey tool means that you can create anonymous surveys that suit a variety of purposes, then publish them through the channels that make the most sense. Embedding an anonymous feedback form on your website can enable you to collect candid comments from anyone at any time.


Can I create anonymous polls with Sogolytics?


Sure! Create anonymous polls to collect quick insights on the go and simplify decision-making. Our anonymous poll creator is an easy-to-use component of our complete anonymous questionnaire maker solution.


What are some best practices in conducting an anonymous online survey?


Sogolytics stands out among anonymous survey platforms, but if you want to excel as an online anonymous survey creator, it helps to keep some best practices in mind! While you might choose to start with something from our template bank, there’s not a single perfect anonymous survey template that you need to stick with. Remember to keep your audience and purpose in mind, making it clear to participants why you’re reaching out and how their feedback will be used. Make clear to participants that you’re using an anonymous survey maker to protect their privacy and ensure they understand that their responses will not be tied to their participation details. Finally, of course, make sure you’ve enabled anonymity in your survey before you launch. You’ll see the anonymity message in the footer that confirms for you and your participants that this is a guaranteed anonymous online survey.

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