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Simple Surveys

Create professional-looking surveys in minutes with our intuitive, easy-to-use online survey maker, which comes with plenty of advanced design and distribution features along with powerful analytics that surpass any other survey creator on the market.

Simple survey design for customer feedback
Simple survey distribute options screen
Simple survey to collect customer feedback
Simple survey report sharing options

Enterprise Feedback

Ask the right questions and get the answers you need with the most secure and collaborative feedback management and assessment platform on the market featuring powerful logic, sophisticated analytics, and built-in automation and integration.

Enterprise Feedback alerts management
Enterprise Feedback automation setup
Enterprise Feedback reports automation on Sogolytics

Customer Experience

Grow your business by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty with the intelligent customer experience management platform equipped with an interactive, customizable dashboard for monitoring experiences at every touchpoint.

Customer Experience Management Overview Dashboard
Customer Experience Management comparison dashboard
Customer Experience Management journey map example
Customer Experience Management sentiment analysis dashboard

Employee Experience

Understand your employees, increase engagement, and prioritize your people with the help of technology that makes surveys, pulses, eNPS, 360s, integrated analytics, and presentation-ready reports a breeze.

Employee Experience Management Satisfaction Survey Results
Employee Experience satisfaction across departments
Employee Experience Management satisfaction by region

Help Desk Listening
and Ticketing

An integrated workplace to monitor and react to all critical feedback and inquiries, keeping your community connected and your team accountable for closing the loop on any channel – email, phone, SMS, chatbot, and more.

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Beyond features,
solving the bigger problems
Predictive analytics that drive impactful decisions

Numbers aren’t the complete story. Understand the reasons behind your metrics to realign priorities and devise powerful business strategies.

Seamless integrations for all ecosystems

Nothing works in isolation. Unify critical platforms to create streamlined and impactful business processes, leveraging the possibilities of technology and automation.

Intuitively designed to unlock power

Experience management software designed for everyone. Make the most of Sogolytics with the shortest learning curve, and get the results you need – rapidly.

Support that has your back

Got questions? We’ve got the answers! Boasting the best support team in the industry, Sogolytics offers user guides, training, 24/7 assistance, and much more to help you keep the data flowing.

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