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Bringing together
X-data and O-data to improve satisfaction

Decreased negative reviews with real-time alerts of poor experiences
Anonymous surveys ease the gathering of honest employee experience feedback
Various reporting options enabled leaders to get the insights they needed and how they needed
Sogolytics allows us to uncover critical trends and improve employee retention – potentially saving us an incredible amount of resources, time, and turnover.
Katy Shorkey
Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy
Elevate Care
Use Case
Experience Feedback

The Story

The challenge

Faced with multiple challenges, Elevate was looking for a single comprehensive solution

As a long-term care (LTC) provider, the Elevate Care team has always believed in supplying personalized care since their founding. However, the challenges of the COVID pandemic as well as leadership reflection inspired them to complete their first mission, vision, and values initiative, resulting in a clearly defined vision: Elevate Care provides personalized, modern, and innovative healthcare solutions for those who need it most.

In order to support this essential mission and target improvements, Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Katy Shorkey knew that they’d need insights from resident and employee feedback. However, Elevate Care wasn’t gathering this feedback in a manner that would help them to improve resident and employee satisfaction.

“We had a few different challenges we were looking to solve shortly after I started at Elevate, including resident feedback and employee retention surveys – but I already knew who to contact,” Shorkey explains.

The Elevate team needed a way to generate real-time feedback from residents’ experiences – good, bad, and everything in between. Immediate resident feedback would be critical to help Elevate Care quickly identify and correct any negative resident experiences.

On the employee front, feedback was needed to help improve retention and experience. The Elevate HR team was also looking to provide benchmarks for their semi-annual employee survey to gauge employee satisfaction, identify obstacles in retention, and uncover anonymous feedback.

Based on her own first-hand experience, Shorkey knew that Sogolytics could help.

I already knew the solution I wanted to bring to the table because I knew Sogolytics could get us the real-time results and honest feedback we were looking for. ”
The solution

Sogolytics set up a demo quickly for the Elevate Care team and showed them how each department could use the solution to do more. As Shorkey was already familiar with the platform, she was able to highlight the advanced features she knew her Elevate colleagues needed.

Elevate Care now uses Sogolytics for in-house resident reviews, discharge resident surveys, employee surveys, and exit interviews—covering their initial need to ensure they can gather resident and employee feedback with a single solution.

Elevate’s HR team uses the survey software for impromptu employee surveys/temperature checks at facilities, annual employee surveys, and surveys for decision-making and choice ranking. VP of Human Resources, Jeff Goldstein, finds the most significant impact in survey alerts and reports that identify common threads in feedback. As a result, both real-time and deeper analytics have helped the team implement needed changes and updates throughout the organization.

The Guest Relations team uses the experience management software to help understand the patient experience during their stay and put out fires before they even start.

“We all know online reputation is important, and many of our residents and their families look online for long-term care providers like they do for any purchase. Having real-time results to improve experiences on the fly makes big changes in record time – and our positive reviews reflect these successes,” Shorkey shared.

The result

“There’s a depth that Sogolytics has that goes beyond just marketing and crosses into operations and HR. They’re not a one-trick pony – more like the Swiss army knife everyone should be armed with,” said Shorkey. Using real-time alerts with the resident surveys helps Elevate to identify poor experiences early and decreases the chance of negative online reviews or calls to State or Public Health authorities. Real-time resident feedback and alerts can have significant cost savings with better experiences and outcomes while creating positive revenue drivers and improving patient experiences and outcomes. How? Particularly because by listening directly to resident feedback and implementing the changes, Elevate Care increases trust between residents and the facility staff. This leads to lower risks and better patient and staff safety while improving resident and employee satisfaction.

Sogolytics’ anonymity feature allows Elevate Care to solicit honest feedback because employees don’t feel the need to censor or filter themselves as they would in other settings. Elevate Care’s employees have confidence in the data's anonymity, accuracy, and security. That sort of employee feedback is necessary to make impactful changes and better predict how to improve the employee journey.

In one case, as the HR team was discussing how to strengthen employee retention, Shorkey generated a report highlighting the key drivers that were having the biggest impact on employee engagement for a specific group of employees. With this data, HR leaders learned what focus areas to consider and changes to make to improve retention – invaluable insights in an industry where employee retention is a major pain point.

The different reporting options and segmenting also allow for “slicing and dicing,” as Shorkey described which “gives us clarity in understanding which group of employees feel certain ways and what underlying trends are happening.” Elevate Care also enjoys having the flexibility of different publishing avenues. Depending on what goal they are looking to accomplish or their target audience, the Sogolytics platform is agile enough for any project and easy enough for everyone to use.

For any company looking for dependable survey software that will deliver the key analytics you’re looking for – Sogolytics is your solution. Their software and team are the only solution you should consider.
About Elevate Care

Elevate Care was founded in 2019 with the goal of becoming the provider of choice for employees and residents. Since its inception, Elevate Care has invested in facilities and communities in Illinois and Florida to bring dependable care close to home. Now, fueled by a robust, supportive corporate team, Elevate Care remains committed to providing comprehensive, clinically driven results for their residents as they continue to advance resident outcomes.

Elevate Care is committed to delivering personalized, professional, and expert-level care at their post-acute and rehabilitation centers. They offer many services to give their patients the highest quality care possible.

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