Nurture a work culture
your employees love

Identify engagement drivers, monitor the changing pulse, and take rapid action to build a work culture that inspires your employees.

Transform employee engagement

Happy employees are more productive, proactive, and invested in the success of your credit union. They are also more loyal, helping you deliver exceptional member experiences time and again.

Improve productivity
of credit union employees feel their workplace allows them to work productively.1
Boost engagement
of US employees are truly engaged in their workplace.2
Increase retention
23.4 %
turnover rate in 2022 for
non-officer employees in banks makes employee retention a critical challenge.3

Improve employee experience

Create a work culture that motivates your employees and encourages growth with Sogolytics.

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Give employees the experience they deserve

Help your employees deliver the best member experiences by ensuring a supportive and engaging work environment. Sogolytics can help you identify and bridge employee experience gaps so you can build a workplace the helps your employees grow.

Enable anonymity

Give your employees a platform to be honest without fear of repercussions. Guaranteed anonymity helps them share candid thoughts, ensuring you get the data you need, easily.

Increase response rates

More responses lead to better analytics. Sogolytics helps you nudge participants with automated reminders (even in surveys that offer anonymity) to increase response rates.

Monitor employee pulse

Keep an eye on the changing employee sentiments with quick pulse surveys. Based on trends, you can take proactive corrective action, improving the overall employee experience.

Identify engagement drivers

Understand the reasons behind the metrics with engagement drivers that tell you what matters the most to your employees. Realign your strategy to deliver experiences that matter.

Encourage employee feedback

Integrate SogoConnect to encourage employee feedback – concerns, queries, or compliments. SogoConnect flags critical tickets and automatically redirects them to the right teams for rapid resolution.

Present with confidence

Win leadership approval and implement changes that have an impact with captivating and clear reports. We provide ready-to-present reports that show the changing trends, insights, and more.

Want to improve employee experience?

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping your finger on the employee pulse and proactively addressing employee experience gaps
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first credit union + Sogolytics

To better understand member experience, First Credit Union replaced their mystery shopper program to inform training and service priorities.

They also leveraged Sogo Polls to gather employee feedback, better understanding the needs and expectations of both, their members and employees, to deliver experiences their people love.

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The first step to getting the essential answers is asking the right questions.

Explore our range of survey templates to get started. Add in or modify questions to make it all about your organization, and share it with your employees to get started!

Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Benefits Survey
Employee Benefits Survey
Manager Effectiveness Survey
Manager Effectiveness Survey
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet your needs.

Combat attrition, improve retention, and create engaging employee experiences with SogoEX.

View trends over time, identify prevailing sentiments, and take proactive action to create a work culture that truly benefits your employees, empowering them to deliver exceptional member experiences and helping you stay a step ahead of your competition.

Learn how you can find the moments that matter in employee experience.


Why does employee experience matter for credit unions?

How can credit unions improve employee experience?

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