Create experiences that
matter to your members

Identify and bridge member experience gaps to improve member satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Create a culture of member loyalty

Deliver on member expectations with focused insights that help you make informed decisions and reduce member churn, creating a culture of long-term loyalty.

Improved engagement
of members who felt their credit unions cared for their financial well-being had a rational, emotional, and psychological attachment to the brand.1
Increased Loyalty
of people who have a high-effort interaction become disloyal, compared to just 9% of those who have a low-effort interaction.2
Higher Membership rates
higher membership growth has been observed for credit union loyalty leaders as opposed to their competitors.3

Improve member retention

Beat your competition and increase membership growth with data insights that help you make the best decisions, every time, with Sogolytics.

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Create unforgettable member experiences

Capture essential feedback, map member journeys, and take action on experience gaps to deliver on expectations and create experiences that leave an impact.

Identify Key Drivers

Understand the meaning behind the numbers. Our Key Driver Analysis helps identify which factors drive member satisfaction to help focus your efforts on what matters the most.

Monitor Trends

See the big picture by identifying changing trends over time to adapt your member experience strategy and ensure meaningful experiences every time.

Analyze Sentiments

Open-text responses reveal a wealth of information. Understand member sentiments, spot concerns, and identify expectation drivers you might’ve missed with our advanced sentiment analytics.

Create Custom Dashboards

Everything you need, at a glance. Customize your dashboard to have data overview at your fingertips, and dive deeper into the nuances with just a few clicks.

View Results Instantly

Push for changes that matter by getting the team on board with ready to present data. Sogolytics reports are easy to generate so you can showcase insights in a captivating format.

Automate Processes

Ensure rapid action on queries, implement alerts for survey responses, and more. With powerful integrations, cross-platform collaboration is easy, ensuring every team has the data they need.

WANT TO IMPROVE member experience?

Understand member satisfaction drivers, identify and bridge experience gaps, and create experiences that leave an impression.
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Healthshare Credit Union + Sogolytics

HealthShare Credit Union wanted to improve member experience by encouraging members to take advantage of their mobile app to empower convenient online banking. However, their earlier surveys got little response, making the data unhelpful.

With Sogolytics, they were able to create a survey that had a higher response rate, highlighting member concerns with mobile app adoption. This allowed them to immediately address the concerns, thereby improving the member experience and their relationship with the credit union.

As Genice DeCorte, CEO of HealthShare Credit Union states, “Sogo has created the opportunity for open dialogue with our members and that is invaluable.”

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The first step to getting the essential answers is asking the right questions.

Explore our range of survey templates to get started. Add in or modify questions to make it all about your organization, and share it with your employees to get started!

Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey
Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey
Mobile Banking Survey
Mobile Banking Survey
New Account Experience Survey
New Account Experience Survey
Market Reputation Survey
Market Reputation Survey
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet your needs.

Keep up with rapidly evolving member expectations and deliver experiences that delight, every time.

With SogoCX, you can home in on experience gaps to bridge key weaknesses and fortify key strengths, curating experiences that leave an impact.

Discover how member feedback can power credit union growth.


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