employee development

Create a culture
of learning

Identify employee strengths and skill gaps to tailor professional development opportunities. Help them add the most value to your organization with customized trainings and progress tracking to create a growth-oriented atmosphere.

Retain and leverage top talent

Training and development opportunities can help your employees contribute more to your organization, boosting productivity and loyalty.

of employees are more inclined to stay with a company that offers continuous training and development.1
Better Productivity
of employees say that the right kind of workplace training impacts their performance positively.2
a culture of performance
of executives find value in digital learning and development opportunities to minimize the impact of unexpected future events.3

Powered by productivity

Add value to work by facilitating an environment focused on growth and innovation as you help employees do more.

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Accelerate growth

Facilitate a culture of improvement by bridging employee learning gaps, aiding development, and optimizing professional development.

Identify Skill Gaps

Find the top employee development opportunities with interactive assessments to understand employee strengths and weaknesses.

Leverage Sentiment Analytics

Capture employee feedback to understand the most effective training solution and plan development efforts that make a difference.

Assess Employee Growth

Are your employees showing improvement? View their learning curve with regular assessments to adapt their training and development plan.

Drill Down on Insights

Identify which learning areas are the most troublesome for your employees, and double-down to help them improve faster.

Track Trends

Understand the impact of trainings and development on employee satisfaction and engagement with regular follow ups to spot trends over time.

View Dynamic Reports

Dive into employee feedback to understand the best learning formats - helping you adapt future sessions for higher impact.


Identify learning gaps to customize employee training and development, helping them put their best foot forward.
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Embassy Suites by Hilton is a chain of upscale all-suite hotels that prides itself in providing luxury service to every customer. So, when Embassy Suites Orlando wanted to conduct an employee survey, Sogolytics was their solution.

While the overall results were positive,Sogo helped them discover, surprisingly, that employees didn’t always feel empowered to deliver to their customers.

Maria Urquiola, the Human Resource Manager at Embassy Suites Orlando, was able to home in on why employees felt that way, communicating and addressing concerns with the managers and the team to deliver a better employee experience, and ultimately a better customer experience.

Expertly designed templates to get you started

The first step to getting the essential answers is asking the right questions.

Explore our range of survey templates to get started. Add in or modify questions to make it all about your organization, and share it with your employees to get started!

360-Degree Evaluation Survey
360-Degree Evaluation Survey
Team Evaluation Survey
Team Evaluation Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
Employee Job Satisfaction Survey
See the Sogolytics difference

Take a holistic approach with additional Sogolytics employee experience softwares.

Bring it all together by leveraging the complete solution. Sogolytics is designed to be your one-stop-solution to deliver a superior experience for everyone. Our integrated ecosystem enables you to see the complete picture while focusing in on different factors to better identify the nuances.

View key metric trends, measure employee & customer satisfaction, and keep an eye on feedback with a powerful ticketing solution that keeps you in the loop.

We understand that nothing happens in isolation, that’s why we are dedicated to creating solutions that give you the answers you need, easily.

Rethink Employee Engagement and Transform Your Work Culture


Why should I invest in training and development?

What are the benefits of employee training and development?

Does employee development and growth improve engagement?

How do I track employee learning progress?

What is the best way to assess employee skill gaps?


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