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The new normal mandated by the pandemic has made going out of the house a chore. With lockdowns and self-quarantining becoming a norm across the world, the in-person customer experience can be stressful.

However, as COVID-19 shifts the landscape and the economy picks up again, it’s important to understand how your customers feel. What are their primary concerns? What would make them feel safer? These key answers this will help you chart the road ahead and take the necessary measures to keep your customers safe and satisfied.

To make this easier, here’s our ready-to-use return to business survey template to get you started! 

Inspire Loyalty by Understand Customer Concerns

  • Easy Customizations Not every business is the same, so of course you need to tailor the template to yours! Remove irrelevant questions and add in specific ones using the most insightful question types. Our return to business survey template is quick and easy to complete, giving you a strong foundation to start from. Further customize the survey design to reflect your brand by changing accent colors, adding images and backgrounds, and even inserting your logo – with Sogolytics, it’s easy to build your brand. 
  • Cutting-Edge Analytics  The responses are in. What next? Get a quick overview of the popular sentiments and response trends with dynamic reports.  Add filters, understand overarching trends, and deep dive into what your customers are saying with key driver analysis and natural language processing. Data drives decisions, so it’s critical to ensure you understand your results.
  • Share Live Reports Want to keep everyone on the same page? Share a dynamic link of live reports so that your entire team can view incoming results – even if they don't have a Sogolytics account. Our live reports can help you track response trends, while our range of report options make it easy to quickly identify key customer concerns and sentiments so that you can respond right away.


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