Diversity Training Feedback Form Template and Questionnaire

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Diversity and inclusivity initiatives are essential for all companies. They encourage a sense of belonging, improve collaboration, and nurture innovation. A key aspect of these initiatives is regular training programs that shed light on the power of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, highlighting subtle concerns that might otherwise hinder optimum work performance.

Are your training programs effective? Find out! Asking for feedback shows your employees that you value their opinion and gives you an understanding of the value of the trainings provided. To get started, here’s our ready-to-use diversity training feedback survey template.

Improve Your Diversity Training Program

  • Customize Your Survey Our diversity training feedback survey template is the perfect foundation to get you started with this important conversation. Modify the aesthetics in keeping with your brand style and ensure consistency across your collateral. Add in your own questions and remove those that aren’t relevant to get the most insightful answers from your employees. Choose from our extensive bank of question types, and take advantage of additional features like skip logic and anonymity to engage participants and get candid feedback.
  • Send Automated RemindersNot everyone will respond to the post-training feedback survey at the first opportunity. Set up automated reminders to help encourage participation without taking up any extra time on your part. Reminders ensure that your survey remains on top of the non-participants’ minds (and inboxes) by nudging them to respond at pre-set intervals. More responses generate valuable feedback and more helpful insights, so increase the number of answers to better understand the impact of your diversity training program.
  • Get Insightful AnalyticsThe answers are in, but what do they mean? Identify the overarching patterns to understand the impact of your training. Was it effective? Did your employees find it relevant? Will they be recommending it to their colleagues? By drilling down into the details, you can understand not only the usefulness of the training itself but also what needs to be improved. Take advantage of Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis to review open-ended responses, giving you a quick glimpse of feedback sentiments, and download presentation-ready reports to highlight trends across critical questions and participant groups.


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