Value Award Recognition Form Template

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Sure, your company values might be listed on your website, but do you see them in action on a daily basis? Enrich your work environment and encourage outstanding contributions by recognizing employees who exhibit company values. 

Positive reinforcement encourages employees to continue giving their best performance and also creates a strong sense of loyalty toward your company. Build the culture you’ve been looking forward to by recognizing the hard work of your employees, commending them for their efforts, and praising their work ethic.

Opening up the recognition process helps to bring team members closer together by encouraging employees to nominate each other. Want to create the perfect award nomination form? Here’s our ready-to-use template to get you started.

Build an Enriching Work Environment

  • Customize your Form Tailor the award nomination template to reflect your brand colors and insert your logo to maintain consistency across all of your collateral. Add more questions, create categories for awards and recognitions based on teams, and more. Our templates are completely customizable to provide you the flexibility to create the perfect form for your company.
  • Easy Website Embedding Let your employees nominate each other with ease. Simply embed the award nomination form onto your internal website and see the recommendations roll in.  This is a great way to build internal relationships, creating a culture of appreciation and camaraderie as your employees recognize each other for their hard work
  • Close the LoopYour employees have spoken, and now it’s your turn to respond! Acknowledge every nomination and show your employees that their opinions matter. Avoid the headache of manual follow-up by automating personalized response emails and thank-you notes. Set expectations and share follow-up details about what will happen next in the nomination process, keeping your colleagues in the know while closing the loop on every submission.


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