Employee Safety Survey

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Questions on the Employee Safety Survey template carefully gauge employees’ perceptions of workplace safety. The survey uncovers unspoken safety concerns and identifies strengths with regard to your company’s safety policies and procedures, with a special emphasis on drills and handling emergency situations.

If perceptions about safety in your organization differ greatly from employee to employee, it can mean your company’s safety culture isn’t as strong as it should be. Gathering feedback from employees can add clarity to your management team’s understanding of actual working conditions and employees’ perceptions and opinions.

Conducting assessment surveys that uncover employees’ and management’s perceptions of the safety process can uncover insights that lead to a safer workplace. With the information and insight from this feedback, management can better identify safety programs’ strengths, as well as weaknesses to be addressed in order to improve your safety performance.

The Employee Safety Survey template is a great start in helping you to identify how well your current safety plan is working, and identify specific areas that need improvement. You can evaluate your program, establish priorities, motivate improvement, and monitor performance at multiple sites and locations.

The survey should be repeated at regular intervals so managers can keep track of progress and the impact of safety improvements made over time.


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