Background Check Authorization Form

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As new staff and volunteers come on board, be sure they’re aware of your background screening processes before you begin. Start your partnership by showing respect for their data and their privacy.

When bringing on board new staff or volunteers for sensitive positions, be sure you’ve covered all your bases by carrying out a thorough background investigation. People working in religious institutions and for faith-based organizations are often accorded an automatic degree of respect, but it’s important to ensure that you’ve done your due diligence before installing anyone into these positions.

The Background Check Authorization Form is an easy way to ensure that your applicants are aware of the checks and reviews you will be running. While the need to protect your community is high, respect for individuals’ privacy is also critical, and it’s necessary to obtain consent before proceeding with these checks. Collecting approval efficiently makes it easier to run the checks more quickly and be one step closer to filling your available position.

Keep background checks simple and efficient, maintaining respect for privacy while protecting the interests of your organization and your community, and you’ll be winning all around.


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