Health Insurance Evaluation Survey Template

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Time to complete 7 minutes(approx.)

Use a health survey questionnaire to collect feedback from participants regarding their satisfaction with key elements of their health insurance plans so you can make meaningful decisions about what’s next.

Even in the most stable situations, health insurance can be a bit tricky for many people to understand. Add in political and economic uncertainty in the big picture, or personal health and employment issues, and the results can be confusion and even dissatisfaction. A health survey questionnaire can deliver a full picture of your audience's perceptions.

Our Health Insurance Evaluation will help you understand where pain points exist and how to deal with them. Our health survey questions provide deeper understanding of how participants became customers, and how long they’ve been with their current insurance provider or plan. Are processes clear? Do they have a good selection of physicians or other providers? Have they been satisfied with any recent claims filed?

Find out whether demographics influence perception, dividing results by age, gender, income, or any other angles you prefer. While health insurance may always be a bit complex, make sure it’s not too complicated to benefit those who need it most. Build regular and meaningful feedback collection into your strategic plan and make sure you’re supporting all participants.


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